Wednesday, April 17, 2013

essay progress

I have great start on my paper took in consideration of what you said.  I have thought about nuclear energy as the main idea and how it is related to every day life. Also the history that nuclear energy has behind it. I have been also thinking about would nuclear energy be a better switch from other energy sources because it gives off the most energy.
Thesis: I really don't have one yet.  But here is a start. With nuclear energy what its benitfits over it being used as a weapon.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Extra Credit for ENGR 2367: Worth up to 4% on total grade

Extra Credit Opportunity for Engineering 2367 at 3:25 p.m.

Extra-Credit Opportunity: Viewing, Reading actively, and Responding
This is a link for Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech “Beyond Vietnam”
This is a link for the transcript to that speech, so you can follow along and read actively as you do so.
This are links to a blog about money and consumerism.
The man behind the blog has some very alternative and provocative and useful views on American culture and his attempts to save rather than spend.  This link takes you to a listing of all the posts he has written to date.  Your task is to pick five articles of your choice on this blog.
Your task:
Your extra-credit assignment is to actively read these sources.  Take notes and quotes down as you read and listen.  You will turn these notes in with your extra credit assignment and this active listening and reading will be part of your extra-credit grade.
This will take you a couple of hours to do well.
Then write a response to both the Dr. King speech and the Mr. Money Mustache blog.  Your response should be typed and double-spaced, and you should use at least two quotes from the Dr. King speech and at least one quote from the Mr. Money Mustache blog somewhere in your response.  Your response should be at least two typed pages (500-700 words) in length.
If you do this well and turn in both your written response and your active reading notes, you can earn up to 4% total raise on your overall grade percentage.  As an added benefit, you are also going to learn a ton by doing this assignment.  How much better does it get than that?
You can either turn this in to the OSU secretary just to the left as you come into Morrill Hall on the Marion campus, or you can scan or attach (or both) your files and send them to
Have fun, raise your awareness, and really earn your extra credit.  Man it feels good to earn it.
All my best,
Mike Lohre

P.S. This offer expires April 24 at midnight, so please turn this in or send it to me by midnight on Wednesday, April 24.

Friday, April 12, 2013

research paper progress

I fortunately had a good head start on my paper due to the fact that I thought it was due last week. I am writing about future technological advances that may make the internet as we know it obsolete. What big ideas are out there and the even bigger question what problems will it cause with our privacy and protection of personal information. privacy, freedom and theft are big terms used in the internet today. there are already lots of fraud and deception in the internet and it has been around for years with time to devolope programs to help prevent these things. If some invention comes along that surpasses the internet how will what we have learned translate over or will our secrutity have to start from scratch. and with the way the economy is who is funding these inventions? if there is government involvement how will they approach it especially with the way china is treating its internet usage.

thesis: With China's increasing control over its citizens and there internet access, lots of concerns have arose for how we prevent this from ever happening here and what we can do in the future.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

From Mike Lohre: Looking forward to your essays next week

Hello students and hope you guys are doing well.  I like a lot of our posts and comments here, as we are helping each other and encouraging others on this essay.  We all need that, and I know things get very busy at this time of the semester.  I hope you've been able to use your time well this week and I'm glad to see some solid ideas coming together here on the blog.

Some of you still need to do your posts!  Please get them up as soon as you can.

See you all on Monday and keep up the good work.


Mike Lohre

One full week to go.  The finish line is in sight.  Keep motoring, comrades!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Research Paper Progress

For my paper, I have chosen to examine the relationship between the ideas of freedom and perfection. I have completed an outline showing the three main categories that I would like to talk about: the personality of the individual, specific legal policies, and societies as a whole. In my outline, I listed topics I would like to hit on for each of these categories. So far I have gathered and reviewed seven unique sources to use as support in my essay. I am excited to put my thoughts down as I find this idea very interesting. I was originally worried that my topic would be too broad, but I think I have come up with a few good points and examples that will keep my paper the right length and express the ideas I want to convey. I am having some trouble deciding on the order that the different sections of my paper should be in, but I think it will be easier to decide once I have my rough draft. Overall, things are going pretty well. :)

Tentative Thesis Statement: The human ideologies of freedom and perfection are both looked upon favorably by most people, but it seems that these two states of being are constantly at odds with each other.

Progress Report

I have decided to change my topic to Alternative Energy Sources. I want to focus on two or three alternative sources like solar energy and wind energy. If I just focus on on a couple I think it will be a more in depth paper because if I don't the paper will be too broad and I will have an overload of information. So far I have found lots of books on Alternative Energy Sources and have started outlining. I do not quite have a thesis but it is in the making. I have lots of work this weekend. Good luck to all.