Wednesday, January 30, 2013

exploration 4

I like all kinds of movies from comedies to romance. If I have not seen it ill watch it atleast once. I download and keep lots of movies also I currently have about 200 movies from the last couple of years. I would have to say that my all time favorite movie is top gun, mainly because I wanted to be a pilot when I was little and I wanted to turn into maverick lol.

As far as golden age Hollywood films go I enjoy watching all of the old time western movies. I have seen quiet a few with Clint Eastwood with my dad and although they aren't as graphically entertaining or even as up beat they always seem to make me laugh in spots.

ex. 4 age of films

   The kind of films genres could I say like best. Well first  historical films that were made  from historical background such Battle of Britain, and Pearl Harbor.  Second genre  would be Science fiction films such as Star wars, Stargate series, and Andromeda series. Another type of genre would be action films such as Battleship, The Expendables, or The James Bond Films. Also watching some old time anime cartoons such as Yu-Gi-oh, or the Simpsons. Last would be comedy films that are funny or contain famous actors such Johnny Depp, Charlie Chaplin, and Will Ferrel who makes films seem seem better by there acting.

If I had to pick a movie from my wide Range of films, I don't know where to begin? The value of this comedy film is that is tells a different story about World War 2 which makes it a little weird. A brief description of the Film. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Actors Jon Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Treat Williams. The film was first released during the year 1979. The plot fellow a drunken pilot flying for the flying Tigers from China. Who is fellow Japanese fighters. Also the movie fellows two people who are in love with each other, but the father of the daughter doesn't like the person who love her. 
A famous golden age actor is Gene Kelly. Who started out with small show as a young person. Then later in life became famous for his dancing in films and acted till his old age.

Exploration 4

I love watching all different genres of movies. I watch movies to spend time with friends, to get me out of a funk, and for just pure enjoyment. If I had to pick the kind of movie I like best, it would be inspirational movies. Stories that portray a weak person becoming strong after a traumatic event is always inspiring because it shows that we can be persevering people. Although we typically do not have control of traumatic events that occur in our lives, we do have control over  how we react to that event and who we become because of or in spite of that event. That is why I enjoy watching inspiring movies: They remind us that we are bigger than negative situations that we may face.This leads me to the next question.

If I had to pick one movie to recommend to others it would be Faith Like Potatoes. This movie is about a struggling farmer, Angus Buchan, who moves to South Africa in hopes of bettering his life for him and his family. There, he still faces hardships with uncontrollable anger, family turmoils, and a worthless piece of farm land. After support from a friend and a change of mind-set, Angus finds his life in better conditions than before. It is his faith that provides the foundation for the positive events that  begin to unfold in his life.

As for the Golden Age of Hollywood, this is a great topic to discuss!  I love watching "black and white" films. They reveal so much emotion, from over exaggerated drama to witty humor. My favorite star from this era is James (Jimmy) Stewart. He plays in my favorite movie, It's A Wonderful Life (This is also an inspirational movie, but I chose to recommend Faith Like Potatoes instead because I felt it is more relateable to our age). Jimmy was such a great actor. He played in several different types of films from thrillers to comedies. In his movies, he always seemed to portray genuine emotion that set him apart from other actors. He is considered one of the best actors of the Golden Age. In 1940, he won an Academy Award for Best Actor in the film The Philadelphia Story. He even continued acting in the '90's but died in '97. Jimmy will always be remembered for his great work in acting. He was the best actor of the time!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploration 4

Alec Martin

Exploration 4

            My favorite movies to watch are documentaries anything from animals to how things work. I love to learn new things from movies because Im a visual learner and I can remember a lot of what I just watched.  The other movies I enjoy watching are movies about superhero’s (manly Marvel).  After watching all of Marvels new superhero movies they begin to connect in some way and build on each other. Minus all of the cool actions how they connect is what really draws me to these types of movies.

            If I were to recommend a movie to someone It would really depends on whether they liked actions movies or documentaries. For just a cool movie with a lot of things happing I would say the “Avengers”. Now for documentary I would tell people to watch “GasLand”. I saw this on HBO about a month ago and I’m still thinking about it everyday. To be honest it was a little hard to get into at first but half way through you couldn’t stop watching. Josh Fox who made the film travels around the country exposing the truths of hydraulic fracking and how its harming Americans everywhere. This is a link to the website of the movie it has a ton of information .

            In the golden age of Hollywood the person I knew the most about was John Wayne. I had seen a bunch of his movies and when I looked on I didn’t realize how many movies he was in. During his career John was in 180 film earning him the 13 Greatest male stars of all time. He was many know for his western and in his movie “The Searchers” was one named the greatest western of all time. In my opinion John Wayne was the best actor for his time, he made his movie seem so real as if it was a true story.

Exploration Four

There are so many good movies out there! Typically I enjoy comedies, like Pineapple Express or Trailer Park Boys, but occassionally I like more dramatic ones like Gangs of New York or The Hurt Locker. I really like gore and horror films also, sometimes they make my skin crawl and I consider it a good movie. Action movies are always good. Apart from those kinds, Disney movies never get old! Especially Anastasia and Aladdin. I ususally like the movies that have a happy ending or at least a funny story, whether it's happy or not. Also, though I am embarrassed to say, I really love the movies made after the Nicholas Sparks books. If I had to pick one movie to recommend to others it would be Across the Universe. This movie is all about The Beatles and puts a story to their music. It's about dealing with hardships while falling in love, and singing blah blah. Still, it's a good movie. I could also pick Clerks I/II to recommend because they are so hilarious! But really I could choose Requiem for a Dream because it's so devistating and powerful.
Marilyn Monroe was one of the legendary acresses of her time. Her work has been seen around the nation and has impacted many people.


My favorite movies are action movies that have a good story line. I enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and modern action movies. In my opinion, the most important part of a movie is a character with a strong and fascinating personality. In order to enjoy a movie, I need someone to root for. This could be the lead character, a supporting character, or even the "bad guy". I like movies with a fast moving plot, and I don't like movies that end too quickly. I tend to avoid "chick flicks" and romantic comedies. I don't like stories that focus too much on romance (boring) without any exciting plot line. And while I acknowledge that comedies are funny, if I want to watch a movie I never pick a comedy. I feel like the characters in these movies rarely have the type of personality that I like to see in a movie.

One movie that I believe everyone should watch at least once is Braveheart, starring and directed by Mel Gibson. I have watched this movie too many times to count, and it still makes me cry everytime. There are few lead characters, in any movie genre, that have the kind of heart that William Wallace (Gibson's character) does. I usually do not love war movies or historical movies, but this one is definitely an exception. I also believe this movie is perfect for anyone (perhaps not children) because the plot has so many different levels. It includes a beautiful and devastating romance that makes even my boyfriend and father cry. The story is set in 13th century Scotland about the first war of independence from England.

Vivien Leigh plays Scarlet O'Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939). She was born in 1913 in what was then British India and died in 1967 in London. Her name at birth was Vivian Hartley. Her name was later changed to Vivien Leigh (changed spelling and addition of her husbands middle name). After reading Gone with the Wind she was very enthusiastic about playing the role of Scarlet.

Movies Exploration 4

     The movies i like the best are the one that make my mind work the movies that make you think. movies that have a meaning or a purpose behind them connect to the viewer more than one that does not. i watch everything from action packed blow em up movies to chick flicks. but some of my favorites include thrillers and comedy's. But it is whatever triggers my curiosity either it be on netflix, blockbuster, or the movies. i like to go to the movies and not look what showing until i get there.
 If i had to choose only on movie to recommend to someone it would have to be Worlds Fastest Indian by Roger Donaldson. It is an incredible move about Burt Munro and his adventure to see how fast his modified Indian scout motorcycle can go. all throughout the movie Burt faces problems and set backs the entire way to Bonneville. The move shows great determination and perseverance by this one man to live his dream.  

The golden age of movies produced a lot of actors and actresses
but one of the most famous was Ava Gardner. Ava was born in Brogden North Carolina. at the age of nineteen she moved to California to start her acting career. Her first major move was the lead role in Whistle Stop in 1946. But sh is probably know for her countless relationship with other famous people of the time such as Frank Sinatra and Howard Hughes. But after her marriage with Frank she moved to Spain in 1958 and introduced to Luis Miguel dominguin by Ernest Hemingway. Finally after ten years in Spain she moved to England were she suffered from two strokes. then on January 25,1990 she passed due to pneumonia and thus the end of a great actress.

Brandon's Exploration 4

I prefer movies full of action, a comedy is good every once in a while too. I usually only watch movies for enjoyment or to pass the time. Who doesn't want a good laugh or to see explosions every now and then? There is really no significant value, I just like to watch them.  Every once in a while I may have to watch a movie for school, but thats really only to meet the criteria for the class. In other words, I pretty much have to. For the most part, I like any of the super hero movies, they mainly just consist of action.

One of my all time favorite action movies would have to be The Dark Knight, aka the second Batman movie if you have never seen it. I say this because it is full of action and really has great acting.  Heath Ledger's performance, I feel, will never be outmatched.  He was so into his role as the joker it literally drove him to his own demise. The movie pretty much follows Batman as he tries to stop the joker as he tried to wreak havoc on the city of Gotham.
Here is a link to one of the scenes that shows the great acting from Heath Ledger.

 Movies in the golden age of Hollywood helped to shape the movie industry into what it is today. Without these great movies the idea of Hollywood would really not exist.  A famous movie from the thirties that played a large role in creating the horror film genre would have to be Frankenstein. It's a classic movie about a scientist, Dr. Frankenstein, creating life from the parts of dead people.  The scientist and his assistant lock up the monster when it becomes aggressive.  The monster eventually gets free and accidentally drowns a little girl.  At the end of the movie an angry mob chases the monster into an old mill and torches the building.  This leads to the death of the creature and the end of the movie.

Exploration 4

I enjoy many movies, but the type I usually always feel a desire to watch are comedies. I watch films for many reasons, entertainment being first, but also to pass the time or learn about something. The learning aspect is really only there in documentaries, which would be my second favorite type of film. The thing that drives me to watch comedies is probably the fact that I normally don’t have to be in any special kind of mood to watch one. I’m usually in the mood for a laugh.
A movie I would recommend is Hot Fuzz. I enjoy this movie, because it is absurdly funny. The movie is about a police officer from London, who gets a promotion that transfers him out of the urban environment of London to a small town in the English countryside. Expecting low action and boredom, a string of mysterious deaths drive him near to a nervous breakdown. Hot Fuzz is a parody movie about the cop action film genre, but not quite in the same ilk of other parody movies like the Scary Movie series or Not Another Teen Movie. The humor is a bit more clever, but still with a bit of slapstick. Here is a clip from the movie.

A very influential actor during the golden age was James Stewart. Typically he was portrayed as the average American, bringing him great success in the industry. Stewart starred in many golden age films like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Destry Rides Again. An interesting thing about James Stewart was his voluntary entry into the armed forces that included actual participation in combat. After the war he would return and star in possibly his most memorable role, George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life.

Movies, Movies, Movies

                I like almost any movie I watch. Besides documentaries and some crude humor movies, (for example Bruno), I like just about all of them. Any movie with action and/or a good plotline makes a good movie I believe I would say that my favorite types of movies to watch are comedies and science fictions though. I watch movies for the entertainment of them , not usually to gain any knowledge or wisdom from them. They are a time filler, and I pick the type of movies that make life seem very interesting, like people making jokes all of the time, or imagining if there were supernatural beings and futurist ideas.

                If I had to pick one movie to recommend for a friend to watch, I would choose The Prestige. It is a psycological thriller and is about two magicians that are trying to out do each other, going to extreme levels to do so through out their lives. The two main actors are Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. It has suspense, deceit, mystery, and fantasy aspects within it, and will catch you by surprise if you're not watching closely.
 The actor from the Golden Age that I researched was John Wayne. He was in a ton of old Western movies and was very popular. I know my grandpa loved his movies and we would always watch them at his house when we went to his house. John Wayne was born in 1907 and died in 1979. He had a career lasting 50 years and became a movie legend. A few of his movies include Red River, True Grit ( the original), and Rio Bravo. People really liked Westerns because their wasn't as many cities make then, and alot of people lived in the country.

Exploration 4

Drew Russell
Exploration 4

I enjoy most movies.  If I had to chose a type of movie I enjoyed the most id say something that makes you think, or leaves a lasting impression after its over.  I also enjoy action and comedy.  I don’t enjoy movies that are done for the soul purpose of making money. Even if I don’t particularly enjoy the plot or storyline of a movie, if its done right I have an appreciation for it.  Movies I enjoyed recently are movies like the hobbit, inception, Lincoln, district 9,funny people, and most of the superhero movies.
            For my recommendation I chose American History X.  It is probably one of my favorite movies. It is one of the only movies that really rethink my life and what I have. It sounds kind of corny but it really had an effect on me. The movie is about a guy named Derik, who after his father was killed joins a Neo-Nazi gang in L.A.  He uses the gang as a way to grief his father through hatred towards all minorities.  He is sent to prison after killing 2 men. His time in prison changes his life. When he comes home from prison he finds that his younger brother is following in his footsteps, and he tries to keep his brother from making the same mistakes he did. It’s definitely not a movie you watch as a family, and it’s not a feel good movie either.  It’s very graphic and the movie is based on extreme racism, so expect some racial slurs. American history X trailer
            For the golden age of Hollywood movie star, I chose Bob Hope.  He was in 91 theatre movies and 20 made for TV movies. Hope lived to be 100. In addition to being an actor, Hope was also a comedian, dancer, and radio broadcaster. He was born in Cleveland. His introduction into show business and movies was actually through dancing. Near the end of his life he started a golf tournament in the cochlea valley of California, called the Bob Hope Classic. 

The Golden Age of film, then and now


          My favorite movies are Science-fiction movies. I like watching movie to escape our normal everyday lives. Science-fiction movies really allow thought for the impossible, or the possible but more advanced technology than we have today.
I don't know if it would be my all time favorite but a very good example of a science fiction movie I like is Avatar. It came out in 2009. The main character, an ex-marine, is able to use an avatars body instead his own, which has no use of his legs. His Avatar allows him to find another life along side the race that lives there.
Mary Astor was a famous silent film actress in the early 1920's, starting at age 14, and continued her career into the later films. She was in the film 'Beau Brummel', 1924, which was her turning point film. I know it would be difficult to switch from silent to films with audio and more length because the material would be so much different.

Golden Age of Cinema

I find that I am a fan of many genres of film.  However, there are a couple genres that I enjoy the most.  My all time favorite genre has got to be action/adventure.  Although, I also enjoy fiction a lot.  I like these types because the excite the imagination and provide me with entertainment.  When watching a film, I usually like to see a good battle/fight scene in which the two opposing forces take part in.  I like the suspense involved in the fight because you are unsure who might win, even though it is generally the "good guy".  I usually enjoy a happy ending but it is nice to occasionally see the "bad guys" win because it is unexpected.

If I had to pick one movie that I think that everyone should see, it would have to be 'Saving Private Ryan'.  The movie is about a group of American soldiers during WWII that are trying to find a soldier so that he may be able to go home and reunite with his family.  I enjoy this movie because it is both historic and action filled.  There is also a twist at the end dealing with the main character that is not expected.  One of the most well known parts of the movie is the scene in which they storm Omaha beach.

 One film from the golden age of Hollywood that really intrigues me is 'All Quiet on the Western Front'.  It was a war movie based during World War I and won two Academy Awards in 1930.  The plot was about a German soldier's life on the front lines of the western front.  The main character, Paul Baumer, was played by the actor Lew Ayres.  This movie was Ayres' big break and allowed him to secure roles in other future films.  This movie really intrigues me because I like war movies and I had to read the book that it is based off of for a history class my last semester.  With knowledge of the book and great reviews, I now want to watch this movie. 

 Actors Lew Ayres and Raymond Griffith in one of the trench scenes.

The Golden Age of Film, Then and Now

My favorite kind of movies are comedy movies, preferably ones that have Will Ferrel or Adam Sandler in them. I especially like these actors because basically everything they do makes me laugh. I watch these movies because they really help to lighten the mood and cheer you up. If the movie makes me laugh and makes me happy then I will watch it. No matter how down you are about something, a good comedy can make your day better.

My most favorite movie of all time that I would recommend for others to watch is Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. I have watched this movie over 50 times and never get tired of it. I laugh every single time. I strongly recommend you to watch this if you have not watched it yet. Anchorman is about a news anchor named Ron Burgundy who is the number one rating on the news list. But, a new lady is hired and he falls in love with her and she ruins his rating, but eventually gains everything back.

The star from the golden age is John Wayne. I chose to research him because I remember my Grandma and Grandpa telling me about him when I was younger and would like to know more about him. My Grandparents said that he was the best actor of their time and alwayd tried to get me to watch some of his movies with them, but I never would because they were always black and white.  He was born in 1907. John Wayne won a Best Actor Oscar in 1969, and appeared in almost 180 films. He has a big history in Hollywood films and even starred in silent films. He was not only an actor, but a role model for the youth of America. The American Film Institute named him 13th among the Greatest Male Stars of All Time and in 2007 a Harris Poll placed John Wayne 3rd among America's favorite film stars. One of his most famous films he has starred in is "The Shootist."

Exploration 4

I watch diverse gernres of movies. When I want to relax I like to watch a action movie; however when I am more serious I like watching christian movies such as, Fireproof and Facing the Giants. I enjoy watching movies because they are very intresting and it's a good way to spend time with the family. When watching an action movie I look for intense action. When I watch christian movies I look for ones that portray a biblical message through their actors.
I would recommend, Courageous, which is about four police officers who were lacking the drive to excel as fathers and husbands. The daughter of a policemen ends up dying and this event really hit home. As a reslt of his daugter's death he ends up making and printing  a resolution document to becaome a better father to his son and husband through faith in Christ Jesus. The other officers join in on the commitment. Enventually, the movie goes on to show how honoring God is our lives can effect the relationships we have with eachother.

Great Movie

Courageous Movie Clip
Courageous Music Video

 Scarface is an American gangster movie made in 1932. The film portrays the struggle by rival gangs for control of Chicago's bootlegging business. The reason why I choose this movie was because I have watched the remake with Al Paccino.


Now That's My Type of Movie

I am not picky when it comes to movies, however I do prefer one type over any other. I really enjoy fantasy and its imaginary world. There shouldn’t be much romance in it, I don’t like romance. The hero or main character should be a normal, everyday person that would normally receive little to no attention. Of course, with fantasy, you should have fantasy creatures including dragons, wizards, fairies, warlocks, or other completely made up creatures. I watch movies for entertainment, and to get out of reality for a temporary time.

I recently watched a movie during the past weekend that was the perfect fit to my standards of a good movie, and it is new. It is titled The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Bilbo Baggins, not anyone special or of interest embarked on a dangerous adventure to help out some new found dwarf friends, accompanied by a wizard. Here is a link:

The Wizard of Oz is also a great movie, and even though it was released in 1939, it is still well known and adored today. The movie is based off a book by L. Frank Baum in 1900.Dorothy is whisked away to another land where she meets creatures unknown to her. What is most interesting is that the well known song "Over the Rainbow" was nearly cut from the movie. This song has won an Oscar for Judy Garland (Dorothy) who was 16 at the time. The song was also voted the greatest movie song of all time by the American Film Institute. Even today, there are so many adaptations and different versions of the well known movie.