Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Blog Post

My name is Don Herre and I’m originally from Dayton, OH. I moved to the area in 2010 when my wife took a job in Marion. My major is Computer Science & Engineering, which will be my second degree. I originally got an associates in Automotive Technology and after a few years in the field decided I wanted to make a change. My fun fact is that I recently started running in half-marathons. I ran one in October and am now signed up to do another in September of 2013. It seemed like a good experience, so I thought I’d try it again. The first time my only goal was to finish, but this time I hope to improve my time.
My creative process for writing the poem started with trying to answer the questions in the prompt. Then I just forced myself to sit in front of the computer until I had something. That was probably the hardest part for me. The poem turned out about how I’d figured it would. I’m not sure it actually follows the rules of a poem, but I’m happy I was able to come up with something sort of like a poem.
“The American Dream” I’ve been told is to have success and end up better off than what you came from. This is probably a good goal, but I think if you are able to live well and find happiness that is really all most people, want. My parents and their parents and so on, would likely agree.


  1. I ran cross country and track for 4 years and LOVED it. What made me stop is I have a breathing problem similar to asthma, the only difference is that inhalers don't work. I am trying to learn to cope with it and hope to run half marathons as well.

  2. I always wanted to run track or cross country in highschool; however, I choose to wrestle.