Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploration Four

There are so many good movies out there! Typically I enjoy comedies, like Pineapple Express or Trailer Park Boys, but occassionally I like more dramatic ones like Gangs of New York or The Hurt Locker. I really like gore and horror films also, sometimes they make my skin crawl and I consider it a good movie. Action movies are always good. Apart from those kinds, Disney movies never get old! Especially Anastasia and Aladdin. I ususally like the movies that have a happy ending or at least a funny story, whether it's happy or not. Also, though I am embarrassed to say, I really love the movies made after the Nicholas Sparks books. If I had to pick one movie to recommend to others it would be Across the Universe. This movie is all about The Beatles and puts a story to their music. It's about dealing with hardships while falling in love, and singing blah blah. Still, it's a good movie. I could also pick Clerks I/II to recommend because they are so hilarious! But really I could choose Requiem for a Dream because it's so devistating and powerful.
Marilyn Monroe was one of the legendary acresses of her time. Her work has been seen around the nation and has impacted many people.

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