Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploration 4

I enjoy many movies, but the type I usually always feel a desire to watch are comedies. I watch films for many reasons, entertainment being first, but also to pass the time or learn about something. The learning aspect is really only there in documentaries, which would be my second favorite type of film. The thing that drives me to watch comedies is probably the fact that I normally don’t have to be in any special kind of mood to watch one. I’m usually in the mood for a laugh.
A movie I would recommend is Hot Fuzz. I enjoy this movie, because it is absurdly funny. The movie is about a police officer from London, who gets a promotion that transfers him out of the urban environment of London to a small town in the English countryside. Expecting low action and boredom, a string of mysterious deaths drive him near to a nervous breakdown. Hot Fuzz is a parody movie about the cop action film genre, but not quite in the same ilk of other parody movies like the Scary Movie series or Not Another Teen Movie. The humor is a bit more clever, but still with a bit of slapstick. Here is a clip from the movie.

A very influential actor during the golden age was James Stewart. Typically he was portrayed as the average American, bringing him great success in the industry. Stewart starred in many golden age films like Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and Destry Rides Again. An interesting thing about James Stewart was his voluntary entry into the armed forces that included actual participation in combat. After the war he would return and star in possibly his most memorable role, George Bailey in It’s A Wonderful Life.


  1. It is very interesting to know that you like to watch documentary. I have not watched many dcoumentaries. Additionally, I really enjoy a good laugh.

  2. i have to say i like your favorite movie. i have seen it and i think it is hilarious.

  3. Hot Fuzz is one of those movies that I wouldn't expect myself to like but I really enjoyed that movie!

  4. I picked James Stewart as my favorite actor from the Golden Age also! My favorite movie ever is It's A Wonderful Life. It's interesting that you point out that his role as George Bailey in this film is probably his most memorable role because the film was actually a flop and didn't get its reputation until years to come.