Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploration 4

     If I could pick one genre of movies that I prefer over the rest I would have to pick thriller movies.  When I watch movies I tend to zone out when it is a slow part or a scene with a  lot of dialogue.  Thriller movies always have you on your feet, waiting and guessing on what is going to happen next.  A good storyline is all you need and you will have the viewers full attention for the whole movie.
     There are so many good movies to choose from in this genre, but if I had to pick one to share I would pick Law Abiding Citizen starring Gerard Butler.  If you haven't seen this movie yet you are missing out on one of my favorite movies.  From the very first scene and all the way until the end this movie will have your full attention and will keep you guessing the entire time.  It's not until the very end when all the pieces finally come together and you figure out whats been going on.  It is a great movie and I recommend it to anybody who hasn't seen it.  Click here for the trailer
    One of the most iconic movies of the Golden Age was King Kong.  It had a mix of a hopeless romantic and had somewhat of a horror perspective.  It used New York as its back drop to bring in the realistic factor and the scene where he is standing on top of the Empire State Building has lasted as one of the most iconic images in movie history.  With remakes and sequels made all the time this movie was simply one of the best for its time.
This is the iconic scene that almost anybody can recognize


  1. I ended up cheering for Gerald Butler's character and was sort of sorry at the end.

  2. Love King Kong and Law Abiding Citizen. I was glad he got his revenge, but maybe a little bit overboard?