Monday, January 28, 2013

Exploration 4

   Movies i enjoy the most are war movies and comedies. War movies are usually based on a certain battle or fight that took place and happen to be remarkable making them very hard to forget. I'm sure if you saw Saving Private Ryan you can spot the movie out of any 5 second clip taken out of it. Comedies can work wonders, they can put a smile on your face any day with the idiocy that happens in them including when college students take over a parade in Animal House. Things that stand out in movies make them memorable, and any movie you can remember i think is a good movie, simply because you remembered it, if you cant remember a movie then it didn't have your full attention and the directors have failed to do their job.

   One movie that i would highly recommend is Big Daddy. This movie pulls you attention in the entire time and brings your laughter out. Not only was it funny but it is realistic to a point when Adam Sandler Takes in the boy as a friend to the real dad doing him a large favor since the real father is on his way to china for a business trip.

    The Thin Man was a hit movie in 1934. it was about a couple that solved crimes together and enjoy themselves with witty remarks. I enjoy this because till this day there are NCIS, Law and Order, est and they all solve crimes and such but each one of them hold there own little quark such as witty remarks or how they approach criminals. Witty remarks are also very popular still in TV shows such as Family Guy, or Two



  1. I agree with how movies can work wonders and the good ones are very memorable. Big daddy is probably my favorite Adam Sandler movie and never gets old.
    Witty remarks are very interesting because it adds a sense of humor to an otherwise unhumorous tv show. They can tie together a tv show or movie so well that if the quirks were left out it probably wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.

  2. Big Daddy is a great film and Adam Sandler makes it even better.

  3. I agree that comedies will bring out the inner laughter in an individual. Also, Big Daddy was a very funny money and I dyed laughing when the boy shot down the birds with the sling shot Adam Sandler gave him.

  4. i totally agree the if a is not memorable it is not a good movie. the bad part is you cant get your money back until after you have seen it.

  5. I think that even thought Adam Sandler is ridiculous in "Big Daddy", he teaches a little on how to make things work with kids. Especially with Scuba Steve and tripping the roller bladers! :)