Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brandon's Intro and Poem

Hey everybody, my name is Brandon Burke. I'm from Centerburg, Ohio, which is roughly fifty minutes from Marion (depends on how I drive). I make the trek every day and am currently going for a major in either civil/mechanical engineering.  My fun fact was that I went to Costa Rica on a mission trip about three summers ago.  It was a real eye opener and something that I will never forget, I hope to go back some day.  Some things about me is that I like to do a lot of things outdoors.  I will usually be snowboarding in the winter and wake-boarding in the summer. During the summer I also enjoy riding my bike, an '08 Yamaha FZ6, for the exact reasons that Dr. Lohre explained; being able to get away from everything and just the freedom of riding.  The gas mileage is also another perk, being that I use it to commute to school also. Well that's about it for my boring life, now to the class material.

The process for composing my poem was pretty straight forward. I worked on it over the weekend and finished the first half early Saturday morning.  Then I had to work all day Saturday, so I woke up early again on Sunday (before working all day again) and finished the poem. I really didn't make any revisions to my poem, I just got after it and finished it relatively quickly. My poem is about my sister, pretty cheesy, I know, but I new it was something that I could easily write about. I feel like the poem met my expectations, I wrote it fairly easily with no problems, plus I got my mom and sister to cry... so thats a win in my book!

Taken straight from my journal insert on the first day....
My idea of "The American Dream" would be finishing college, getting a good job (with a good salary), raising a family and living a peaceful, healthy life. This dream is probably very similar to my family before me, other than the little detail about finishing college. When I finish college, I will be the first one in my immediate family to do so. I feel like everyone before me strived for a great life, but a college education was put on the back burner because it could be and was not as much of an essential part of life, like it is today.


  1. I go to a small church so it's difficult to raise money for mission trips, but I would love to be able to influence someone's life in the way you did and to also receive personal gratification for doing so!

    1. My church is actually pretty small too! Its the vineyard church of Johnstown, kinda in the middle of nowhere. We did a ton of fundraisers, support letters and spaghetti dinners to have the opportunity to go. I believe they will be going again in another two years. My sister went again this past summer, but I was unable to because of school. You should definitely go somewhere, its something you will always remember!