Monday, January 28, 2013

Golden Age

  When it comes to movies I am pretty open to which ones I will watch but my favorite genre of movies would have to be thrillers or comedies. I find both of those genres equally entertaining to watch because it is fun to watch action scenes unfold while all at the same time an intense plot is being played out or to be able to have a good laugh at an orginal comedy movie. The kinds of stories that attract me are ones that really draw me into the movie and make me forget about anything else on my mind and have my full attention. There aren't really any specific kinds of stories that I like because I cannot watch a good story that is played by bad actors or not have a good producer/director.

  Whenever anyone asks me what my favorite movie is, multiple movies come to mind but my one all time favorite would have to be The Recruit. The Recruit is a spy-thriller and has a great cast, the intricate plot with all the action scenes keep you entranced to the movie. I normally cannot watch a movie more than twice because I get bored with it since I know what is going to happen but this is one of few movies that I can always be entertained by. A brief synopsis of this movie is that an extremely smart college graduate is convinced to join the CIA by a CIA officer which personally seeked him out. After he joins the program and is in training he is asked to find a double agent in the CIA unoffically. Giving any more information would probably lead to spoilers so i will just leave it at that.
The following is a trailer for the movie

  For the hollywood golden age of movies I chose The Wizard of Oz because it is a very popular film that has been remade numerous times and one that I have known since I was very young. Something about this film I really enjoyed and still enjoy is some of it's irony, like the lion lacking courage or the wizard simple being a normal man from Kansas. The other part of this movie that i really like is how the entire movie is kind of a life lesson in the sense of how they all had to find an inner part of themselves that they did not know they had but they found it in unusual ways. I think it could be a great lesson to never give up or it could also be saying that every person has valuable qualities that even the individual doesn't know about.

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  1. I agree with you on how good movies are ones that attract you. the Wizard of Oz was a very popular movie even if you haven't seen it people still know that it is very popular and can almost name all of the characters.