Monday, January 14, 2013

first post of three topics to post about

Hi my name is Dustin Decot, from Powell, Ohio. I'm currently planning majoring in electrical engineering. A fun fact from the other day was; I have two dogs and as an hobby sometimes collect rare coins. For examlpe I do believe I found an old nickle older than the 1930.

My process of composing my poem, First, I brainstormed a little. Second, was going to write a poem about my dog, but changed my mind. Instead wrote about my uncle who passed away on Feb. 14 2012. I found challenging was to try and write a poem about a true friend because most of  my friends moved away to different parts of Ohio or I just haven't talked to them for awhile since high school.

The American Dream I  has change a little over time with the inflation of the dollar. Also the gas prices have changed over the years from two dollars to three dollars or more. Also bills for other things and money has to be spent more wisely. Meaning  fancy houses, cars, and wants don't come cheap they use too.

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  1. I think its cool that you collect coins because I used to collect them when I was younger and I still have them. I do not collect them any more but I still look at them occasionly.