Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Evelyn Lambert

I am a sophomore and a Psychology major. I am currently very confused about my future career and might double major in Zoology. I grew up in Raymond, which is near Marysville, Ohio. I live with my parents, brother, sister, uncle, cousin and boyfriend. Collectively, we have 7 horses, 4 goats, 9 dogs, a snake, several chickens, and too many barn cats.

In composing my poem, I first looked over the prompt we were given and tried to come up with a person to write about that would match the prompt. My first thought was to write about my great grandmother. I can't remember much about her however, so I couldn't follow the prompt. I ended up writing a poem about myself, because when I think about me as a child, it's definately something I miss. I was not planning to post my poem online, but my partner in our in-class activity said she felt like she knew me better after reading it. Therefore, I have included it for the sake of introducing myself:

In Memory

You were a good friend.
You were a good sister.
We always had so much fun.
We rode our bike in thunderstorms,
And played in the mud.

You were so carefree.
You were so young.
You were spoiled rotten.
You ate all you wanted,
And you stayed so thin.

The last time you were here,
You were eager to leave.
And I was so eager to see you go.
We were fools then,
But we were happy fools.

I miss you.
I wish I could see you again.
I wish I could tell you to enjoy it.
Enjoy the time you have,
Because it isn’t very much.

In my opinion, the American Dream is simply the drive to become happy and successful. People with the American spirit will always say "I can be whoever I want", rather than "society will determine who I become". The American Dream promises that everyone has the opportunity to be happy, we just need to seize that opportunity.

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