Monday, January 28, 2013

Brandon's Exploration 4

I prefer movies full of action, a comedy is good every once in a while too. I usually only watch movies for enjoyment or to pass the time. Who doesn't want a good laugh or to see explosions every now and then? There is really no significant value, I just like to watch them.  Every once in a while I may have to watch a movie for school, but thats really only to meet the criteria for the class. In other words, I pretty much have to. For the most part, I like any of the super hero movies, they mainly just consist of action.

One of my all time favorite action movies would have to be The Dark Knight, aka the second Batman movie if you have never seen it. I say this because it is full of action and really has great acting.  Heath Ledger's performance, I feel, will never be outmatched.  He was so into his role as the joker it literally drove him to his own demise. The movie pretty much follows Batman as he tries to stop the joker as he tried to wreak havoc on the city of Gotham.
Here is a link to one of the scenes that shows the great acting from Heath Ledger.

 Movies in the golden age of Hollywood helped to shape the movie industry into what it is today. Without these great movies the idea of Hollywood would really not exist.  A famous movie from the thirties that played a large role in creating the horror film genre would have to be Frankenstein. It's a classic movie about a scientist, Dr. Frankenstein, creating life from the parts of dead people.  The scientist and his assistant lock up the monster when it becomes aggressive.  The monster eventually gets free and accidentally drowns a little girl.  At the end of the movie an angry mob chases the monster into an old mill and torches the building.  This leads to the death of the creature and the end of the movie.


  1. completely agree with you about golden age movies shaping the industry

  2. i am also a fan of the dark night i think its a great movie and has some very good acting in it.

  3. I thought the new batman movies were all really good and Heath Ledger's performance was exceptional. I've never been specifically into Batman or super hero movies in general, but this series is really well done.

  4. The Dark Knight is definitely a great movie! The action and sarcastic humor make the movie capturing, not to mention Heath Ledger was my favorite actor! I love these movies so much that I just bought the Trilogy this week!