Monday, January 28, 2013


My favorite movies are action movies that have a good story line. I enjoy science fiction, fantasy, and modern action movies. In my opinion, the most important part of a movie is a character with a strong and fascinating personality. In order to enjoy a movie, I need someone to root for. This could be the lead character, a supporting character, or even the "bad guy". I like movies with a fast moving plot, and I don't like movies that end too quickly. I tend to avoid "chick flicks" and romantic comedies. I don't like stories that focus too much on romance (boring) without any exciting plot line. And while I acknowledge that comedies are funny, if I want to watch a movie I never pick a comedy. I feel like the characters in these movies rarely have the type of personality that I like to see in a movie.

One movie that I believe everyone should watch at least once is Braveheart, starring and directed by Mel Gibson. I have watched this movie too many times to count, and it still makes me cry everytime. There are few lead characters, in any movie genre, that have the kind of heart that William Wallace (Gibson's character) does. I usually do not love war movies or historical movies, but this one is definitely an exception. I also believe this movie is perfect for anyone (perhaps not children) because the plot has so many different levels. It includes a beautiful and devastating romance that makes even my boyfriend and father cry. The story is set in 13th century Scotland about the first war of independence from England.

Vivien Leigh plays Scarlet O'Hara in Gone with the Wind (1939). She was born in 1913 in what was then British India and died in 1967 in London. Her name at birth was Vivian Hartley. Her name was later changed to Vivien Leigh (changed spelling and addition of her husbands middle name). After reading Gone with the Wind she was very enthusiastic about playing the role of Scarlet.


  1. Brave heart is a favorite of mine too.

  2. I love Gone With The Wind. I used to watch it with my mom when I was a kid. I have never seen the full Braveheart movie, like many movies I start to watch, I ran out of time and have not had the chance to get back to finishing it. I agree with you about having a strong lead character to root for it makes the movie more entertaining and easier to really get in to.

  3. While I have not seen Braveheart, I have heard many good things about it and intend on watching it sometime when I remember to. I did not realize that it has such a diverse plot.
    I've heard of Gone With the Wind before but really have no idea what it is about and just know that is a plot which is adored by many.

  4. Gone With The Wind is a classic! Vivien Leigh does a wonderful job in her role as the hard and difficult to handle Scarlet O'Hara. Great pick!

  5. Mel Gibson is one of my favorite actors and I really enjoy his movies. And I have not seen this one of his so I will have to check it out.