Monday, January 14, 2013

First Post

Hi, I'm Perry Gabriel from Wickliffe OH which is about 20 miles east of Cleveland. I am currently living in an apartment down here in Marion. Marion compared to my home town is pretty much nothing, if i were at home and wanted to see a movie for example i have about 5 different theaters within a 5 mile radius, down here there is basically only one theater let alone any thing ells to do. I enjoy welding and have a very good connection with people at Lincoln Electric's world headquarters which is in Euclid OH, about 6 minutes from my home. It is Nice to always no that i have a backup plan that will be there for me if i ever chose to change my life path.

My process for completing my poem was quite difficult. I wrote about my grandfather who passed away a few days before fall semester started which affected my fall semester since he was so close to me. I found it hard to write about him because it is still so recent. The poem did not turn out how i expected because some things were so hard to talk about, and there is just so much that i can't put in words when someone so dear to me is gone in the blink of an eye.

My American dream is to build my own home with my family so it is not just a house but a home that i can call my own. In my opinion a house is not a home until you make it one. The house i live in back in Wickliffe was build by my father and the rest of my family. Nothing makes you appreciate your home more then building it yourself.

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