Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Intro and poem

     My name is Drew Russell, I am 19 and I'm from Powell Ohio.  My interesting fact was that I play hockey and that I love to travel.  I have been playing hockey for around 11 years now.  Its really the only sport I have loved to play.  It has taken me all over the Mid-West and parts of eastern Canada.
     In regards to traveling, I have been to the Mediterranean. i spent 11 days in Italy, Greece, and the U.K. and it was the trip of a lifetime.  


As a kid my goal in life was to be able to out wrestle him,
Freedom and leadership are words he lives by,
He once told me fear is in the mind, and that if it can be overcome anything is possible.

When I see him I see a solder, a protector, and a father.
Secretly he is always on guard, its like he cant get away from it,
But he has found a way to channel it through hunting.
The first time I ever hunted he was right there with me, teaching, guiding.

Experiences of war still haunt his mind
He almost feels out of place with everyday life
Like the life of a soldier is all he knows.
To his two young sons he is just dad,
To me he is the embodiment of our countries protector.

As a friend I couldn’t ask anything more of him
Anything I have ever needed or asked of him he has come through for me.
He has been a real inspiration to me
My uncle Jim, father, solder, friend.

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  1. Drew, you did a great job on your poem about your Uncle. I really enjoyed it and the feeling came through.

    Who taught you to skate? Did you ever play weekend hockey on a lake? I grew up doing stuff like that and remember it fondly.