Monday, January 21, 2013

Introduction and Poem

Hello, my name is Henry Blade. I am 22 years old and I am married with a daughter. Recently last June, I graduated from Marion Technical College with an Associated in Business and a concentration in Paralegal Studies. A unique fact about me is I can sing

The process behind me composing my poem was one of sincerity and admiration. Once I sat down and started to focus it all started flowing like a river. When everything was all said and done, my poem actually surprised me with its quality.

In Memory of My Uncle

As I sit here and reminisce
About the legacy you left behind
All I can think about is
I wish you had more time

A young foster child who knew no father
You stepped up like a batter approaching the plate
You were patient as if we were no bother
A man of courage who’s love did not discriminate

Your words were gentle
And your best friend was peace
Wisdom crowned your head
And grace covered your feet

You always voiced to me
“Go to school and don’t be a fool”
You taught me a lot about being a man
Most importantly you’re the reason I treasure school

The Amercian Dream is a dream to be able to have job security, to be able provide for one's family.

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  1. I really like your poem. I think that a lot of English assignments are thrown together last minute with little or no thought put into them. However, I can tell that you really put your heart into this poem, and I can feel the sincerety. It's easy to see that your uncle's influence has had a big effect on you. Thank you for sharing your poem with our class. :)