Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hi everyone! I'm Susan Layne. Everyone calls me Susie. I'm from Marion. I'm the youngest of six siblings and I have a huge family including fourteen nieces and nephews. I have a close relationship with my whole family. We enjoy vacationing, playing games, being active in our church, and volunteering together. I'm a psychology major with hopes of becoming a Clinical Psychologist and treating the mentally ill. When not studying my brains out I'm a dance instructor for pre-teen and teen girls and I like to have air-soft gun wars with my friends.

The process of my poem was fairly simple. When given the assignment I immediately knew exactly who I wanted to write about. She was my best friend, but over the years we've drifted apart. Her birthday was last week so my mind has been on her some what. I thought the situation was perfect to write about her. I started writing a rough draft and got about half way done and realized it wasn't what I was wanting. The poem seemed too unforgiving, which isn't the way I feel and I didn't want to portray that. I started over and eventually came up with a poem that I think suited our past relationship and present situation well.

I think the American Dream is happiness. Everyone strives to be happy. Without happiness in our hearts we fail to live, but merely exist. There are always going to be other factors that can be associated with the American Dream, but purely happiness is what makes everything else in life fall in place. Although through generations, individual and more specific American Dreams can fluctuate, it is happiness that remains significant and consistent.

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  1. Dang you have a lot of family members! Thats pretty cool that you play air-soft and are a dancing instructor, which kind do you teach? I also have to agree with your interpretation of the American Dream, happiness is everything and makes us who we are!