Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Blog

     My name is Keith Raymond and I am from Marion, OH.  I have lived here my entire life and graduated from Pleasant High School.  I am a freshman going for a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  One interesting fact about me is that I have been to France.  I went there during during high school with my French Club.
     When coming up with my poem, I first decided who it would be about.  After choosing my brother as the topic, I began to think of some fond memories.  Then I made rhymes from the memories.  I found it easy to write and did not have any challenges in it.  I was happy with my final product because I felt that I had some good rhymes and structure.
     I consider myself to be a decent writer.  However, I think that there is room for improvement in some of my writings.  I find it hard to write a long paper without adding a lot of fluff in it.  I also find it hard to make my paper flow smoothly.  Although I am negative towards some of my writing, I feel optimistic about the future.  With the way that our technology is exponentially improving, I believe that it will be even better in the future.  New technology helps with the idea of the American Dream by making it easier to support yourself as well as a family.

Here is my poem.

My Friend, My Brother
One of my greatest friends is my brother, Kevin.
He elders me by an age of seven.
This poem here shall show why,
I truely believe he's a great guy.

When we were young, we would laugh and play
Inside and outside every day.
He would show me how to cook
and laugh when I couldn't follow the book.

He has muscle but also mind.
He is tough but also kind.
Although he is built like a bear,
He is my brother and he's always there.

He always tells me that I'm smart,
And I always take it to heart.
Today, he is an engineer
And so will I within a few years.

When he told me that he was engaged,
I was happy and not enraged.
Although I will not be the best man,
Beside him I will forever stand.

Kevin is my only brother
And I love him like no other.

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