Wednesday, April 17, 2013

essay progress

I have great start on my paper took in consideration of what you said.  I have thought about nuclear energy as the main idea and how it is related to every day life. Also the history that nuclear energy has behind it. I have been also thinking about would nuclear energy be a better switch from other energy sources because it gives off the most energy.
Thesis: I really don't have one yet.  But here is a start. With nuclear energy what its benitfits over it being used as a weapon.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Extra Credit for ENGR 2367: Worth up to 4% on total grade

Extra Credit Opportunity for Engineering 2367 at 3:25 p.m.

Extra-Credit Opportunity: Viewing, Reading actively, and Responding
This is a link for Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech “Beyond Vietnam”
This is a link for the transcript to that speech, so you can follow along and read actively as you do so.
This are links to a blog about money and consumerism.
The man behind the blog has some very alternative and provocative and useful views on American culture and his attempts to save rather than spend.  This link takes you to a listing of all the posts he has written to date.  Your task is to pick five articles of your choice on this blog.
Your task:
Your extra-credit assignment is to actively read these sources.  Take notes and quotes down as you read and listen.  You will turn these notes in with your extra credit assignment and this active listening and reading will be part of your extra-credit grade.
This will take you a couple of hours to do well.
Then write a response to both the Dr. King speech and the Mr. Money Mustache blog.  Your response should be typed and double-spaced, and you should use at least two quotes from the Dr. King speech and at least one quote from the Mr. Money Mustache blog somewhere in your response.  Your response should be at least two typed pages (500-700 words) in length.
If you do this well and turn in both your written response and your active reading notes, you can earn up to 4% total raise on your overall grade percentage.  As an added benefit, you are also going to learn a ton by doing this assignment.  How much better does it get than that?
You can either turn this in to the OSU secretary just to the left as you come into Morrill Hall on the Marion campus, or you can scan or attach (or both) your files and send them to
Have fun, raise your awareness, and really earn your extra credit.  Man it feels good to earn it.
All my best,
Mike Lohre

P.S. This offer expires April 24 at midnight, so please turn this in or send it to me by midnight on Wednesday, April 24.

Friday, April 12, 2013

research paper progress

I fortunately had a good head start on my paper due to the fact that I thought it was due last week. I am writing about future technological advances that may make the internet as we know it obsolete. What big ideas are out there and the even bigger question what problems will it cause with our privacy and protection of personal information. privacy, freedom and theft are big terms used in the internet today. there are already lots of fraud and deception in the internet and it has been around for years with time to devolope programs to help prevent these things. If some invention comes along that surpasses the internet how will what we have learned translate over or will our secrutity have to start from scratch. and with the way the economy is who is funding these inventions? if there is government involvement how will they approach it especially with the way china is treating its internet usage.

thesis: With China's increasing control over its citizens and there internet access, lots of concerns have arose for how we prevent this from ever happening here and what we can do in the future.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

From Mike Lohre: Looking forward to your essays next week

Hello students and hope you guys are doing well.  I like a lot of our posts and comments here, as we are helping each other and encouraging others on this essay.  We all need that, and I know things get very busy at this time of the semester.  I hope you've been able to use your time well this week and I'm glad to see some solid ideas coming together here on the blog.

Some of you still need to do your posts!  Please get them up as soon as you can.

See you all on Monday and keep up the good work.


Mike Lohre

One full week to go.  The finish line is in sight.  Keep motoring, comrades!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Research Paper Progress

For my paper, I have chosen to examine the relationship between the ideas of freedom and perfection. I have completed an outline showing the three main categories that I would like to talk about: the personality of the individual, specific legal policies, and societies as a whole. In my outline, I listed topics I would like to hit on for each of these categories. So far I have gathered and reviewed seven unique sources to use as support in my essay. I am excited to put my thoughts down as I find this idea very interesting. I was originally worried that my topic would be too broad, but I think I have come up with a few good points and examples that will keep my paper the right length and express the ideas I want to convey. I am having some trouble deciding on the order that the different sections of my paper should be in, but I think it will be easier to decide once I have my rough draft. Overall, things are going pretty well. :)

Tentative Thesis Statement: The human ideologies of freedom and perfection are both looked upon favorably by most people, but it seems that these two states of being are constantly at odds with each other.

Progress Report

I have decided to change my topic to Alternative Energy Sources. I want to focus on two or three alternative sources like solar energy and wind energy. If I just focus on on a couple I think it will be a more in depth paper because if I don't the paper will be too broad and I will have an overload of information. So far I have found lots of books on Alternative Energy Sources and have started outlining. I do not quite have a thesis but it is in the making. I have lots of work this weekend. Good luck to all.

Progress Report

My paper deals with the fall of well written television and the rise in commercialism within television.  My thesis states: "Throughout my life, I have noticed a fall in the quality of television programs and believe that it is directly related to the rise in commercialism present in the network business."  I am having a little bit of trouble narrowing down my topic because I want to include what I think of as classic well written shows and the shows that replaced them later on, but I also want to cover a couple of the exceptions to the current television trend.  I have primarily been researching information for my paper lately and I have found it hard to find reliable information on my subjects.  I am only a couple pages in as of now but plan to finish it within the next few days.  I am also having a little bit of trouble trying to make the entire paper flow in a fluid, easy to understand manner.  Every now and again a can never find a good way to transition to my next point.  All in all, I am steadily working on my paper at a good pace trying to make my rough draft as perfect as it can be.

Essay Status Report

At this point I’ve gathered information from several sources, taken notes and outlined what I’d like to get across. I’ve also gotten some paragraphs down on paper. The hardest part is getting the actual writing process started. I also find once you’ve written several pages, it takes time to making sure it all flows nicely. I will probably keep working on the content of my paper and go back for more research as I think more about the topic. My thesis at this point is: While much of the population is the dark about what cloud computing is, most of them actively use it on a daily basis and therefore should understand what it means for computing and telecommunications.

Essay Progress

Getting a jump start on my essay i completed an outline before the proposal was due. My thesis was How technology helps save lives while at the same time destroying them. I had a good start on my essay with a lot of good things to say but then realized that i had a few holes in my essay where an argument could occur against my opinion  So I have hit a block where i need to adjust my essay to make my argument more bold.

To the Essay "The Tyranny of Copyright" I have not much to say about copyright since I am not much of a writer but I can see how it is corrupting a lot in today's world. I find Copyright to be much like artists duplicating art pieces which is great when they can put there own spin on it but when they try to do a exact match it loses a lot of the meaning.

Essay two " Where music will be coming from" I have strong feelings against pirating music, which is where i see all music coming from in these next years. However places like iTunes have to drop the price of the outrageous $1.30 PER SONG. Other places providing music for free with adds such as Pandora are booming right now with free listening

Essay Progress

For my essay I have chosen to research the idea of Humans expanding into space. What that will entail will be problems we face now such as overpopulation and scarcity of resources and land; and what efforts are going into space exploration and what kind of challenges would be faced on another world or base. What is easy is obviously the problems I mentioned that we face on this world. The harder part is the efforts we are making and the science that is limiting our progress.


Today we should make the push into space as a chance to solve tomorrow's greatest issues.

Alec's Essay progress

Right now im still gathering information and just starting to write the beginning of my paper. Although i did do an interview with a student working on her doctorate in engineering and got a ton of useful information. So gathering information is going really well and should make it easy to write the rest of my paper. Up in till now the biggest challenge i have faced is finding time to work on this project because i have been study for 3 exams. Heres my thesis "How the limits of our advancement in technology is not determined by our abilities to create new things, but by who controls the market and whether or not the new technology will benefit them."

Drew's essay progress and Cyber reader response

I am Just about finished getting information for my essay.  I have an outline of my paper with several supporting points for each topic I want to talk about.  I also have started with the writing of the essay. My research statement is "we have impacted the process of evolution, and how it occurs in nature."
I have had some luck finding some good sources on my topic.  There has been a lot of discussion on my topic in the last few years.

I thought that the two passages in the cyber reader were very interesting.  They tied together well due to the problem around copyrights.  I had never really thought about how much the internet has cost people stolen files, music, movies, etc.  I took a step back and looked at it, it reminded me a lot of robin hood. should the files really belong to those who made them or should they be free for the betterment of the public.  I'm kind of on the fence on who the files belong to.

Essay Update

Research paper wise I am about 2 pages into my project. My thesis statement is; what are the dangers of communication monopolies. So far I've gotten 5 sources of information about AT&T alone, and have explained both the breakup and rejoining of their company. I have yet to show what they do to other businesses and explain what they are doing to stay alive. I will most likely complete my paper before Monday.

Essay Progress and CyberReader response

Currently I have just got an outline to my paper and have gathered resources for my paper, I am continuing to gather resources for my paper and plan on finishing the rough draft this weekend. Finding my resources has been pretty easy but organizing my paper in a fashion that is acceptable to me, is proving to be the challenge. Currently my thesis is "Domestic spying, is it an acceptable violation of rights or ethics? Or is domestic spying the result of a government with too much power?".

In response to the essays in CyberReader, I found both essays to be very intriguing. Both of the topics tie in with each other in a sort of way, I think it is interesting to think about where music will come from if the music industry is brought down by lack of profits from pirating or other sources. Our society seems to take music and movies for granted and simply illegally downloads them on the internet which causes the companies, that produce them, to lose a lot of money. If those companies lose too much money they could go out of business which would lead to no music or movies at all, potentially.

Henry's Progression of Essay

My essay pertains to the Legion of Decency. Yesterday I started researching and I have a very good outline for my essay finished. My thesis statement is- How did the Legion of Decency affect the production of motion pictures and why did they disappear. Also, I have found really good articles and websites for my topic. I still have information that I have to sift through so my paper can stay relevant in regards to my topic. Overall, I am in the beginning stages of my essay; however, I have a solid structure to start with. I plan on having most of my essay done this weekend so I can bring in my draft Monday. 

Essay Progress

My research thesis statement is "There have been several major movies that have become so popular that they have had a significant impact on mass production." My progress thus far is still in the developing stages of writing my paper. I have already constructed an outline of the body of my paper with specific topics I will address. I have also found some informative sources that will assist me in my paper. I have not got very far in my rough draft, but what I do have written is going good. What is going well is that I feel I have a specific view in mind that I want to elaborate on. This will be helpful in the paper so that I do not stray off course addressing things that are not relevant. Also, the material/data I have found so far are very relevant to my paper and meet up to my assumptions. One thing I am struggling with is that I need to tie in more information on how topics we addressed in class relate to this subject (for example, how Wu's ideas apply). Other than that, the essay progress is going great for me.

Nate's Essay Progress

My essay is going to cover the Legion of Decency. My thesis is What are the beliefs of the Legion of Decency and what was their impact on motion pictures. I just started putting my paper together earlier this week, so I have the introduction completed but I have not gotten any further yet. I plan on finishing it up this weekend. I was having trouble finding sources that had to do with the Legion of Decency's impact until today. I stopped by the library and the nice lady helped my find some articles on the library's database that are going to be very useful for me. Overall, everything is going quite well form me and I feel like I am going to write a good paper!

Essay Progress

I am still in the early stages of my paper as well.  I am focusing more on not just the idea of the Kronos Effect itself but in different businesses it happened too.  For example, any small or family owned business, I think, is part of it.  Does anyone think those could count?  My surveys are almost complete, the people I asked are not getting back to me as quickly as I'd have liked, but the paper is coming along slowly but surely.  I have found that incorporating quotes or information from my surveys so far has been difficult because they all sound too similar.  Other than that, I am doing well on it hopefully!

Essay Progress

   So far the work i have done on my research project has been trying to narrow down my subject. My original proposal was very broad .My thesis now is; " What are the main threats to internet neutrality, and how could they effect us?". This still might seem a little broad but i have picked only a couple threats to focus on. These include AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon. I am explaining their threat and giving examples of specific examples of  threatened, like youtube, wikipedia, craigslist, or ebay,  and itunes. These are all used extremely a lot on an everyday basis and would change so much. My biggest problem so far is finding reliable, specific information on each of these.

Alicia's Essay Report

I do not have much of my paper written yet. I had to come up with how I was going to focus my idea down to a specific, less broad subject. It was pretty large for my project proposal. I have an outline pretty much now of how I want my paper set up though and have just about a page done of my papr. I have an intoduction and have started talkng about how the Hayes Code affected what people saw in the movies. I am going to pick one example of a movie in the 1930s, and show how it is affected by the code. The next part of my paper will then explain how conglomerates affect movies and I will pick another movie of more recent times and explain how the conglomerates affect it. I definetely need to be working on my paper more, to have a rough draft done by Monday. The main aspects I need are to pick the movies I wish to give as examples. The book we read in class will be one of my resources on explaining about conglomerates and the Hayes Code, and maybe I can pick one of the movies mentioned within it, but I do not know yet.
 My thesis statement is: The hayes code definetely affected what we saw in movies and television in the past.Even though we do not have a code today, conglomerates affect movies and television almost just as much as a code.

Essay Progress

     I'm still somewhat early in the construction of my paper.  I have gotten my thesis down and picked out all of my body paragraphs and know what I'm going to write about.  What is going well is expanding on my topics.  I usually struggle at fully explaining what I am talking about, but I feel like I'm doing well in this paper.  What I am struggling with is finding a good amount of research to use.  Some of the things I try and explain do not have a lot of official research to go along with it.  My thesis statement is how the advancements in technology changes the way a society acts.

Nates essay progress

My thesis statement covers a lot. It is (What has technology done for us? Has technology has made us lazy and dependent on itself? The breakthroughs it has made, if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks). I definitely have to narrow my topic on a few pieces of technology I know or my paper will become a book. So I have decided to choose three pieces of tech, the smartphone, television, and computer I choose these because most of us come in contact with these items every day. During my time writing my paper I have come across problems and issues. Currently I have made my outline with the things I want to incorporate into my paper.  I am  trying to find sources to match my topics to help my argument. But I find it hard to find a credible source that has information that’s relevant to the topics. But the challenge is getting  my thoughts on the paper to put them in order that is cohesive and that’s flows. I have about a third to a half of my paper done. For me it’s like the pieces to a puzzle and I have to put them in the right order so it makes sense. But I find that gathering all the information is the hardest part to the paper.

Essay Progress

My essay is going okay. I'm gathering a lot of sources and trying to figure out where I want to go from there. My thesis is: Children today are more exposed to innapropriate material than children in the 1930's. The research is going really well. I'm finding all I want and then some. One challenge is trying to compare the outcome of today's kids to the 1930's kids. I can't seem to find anything about how the censorship affected the kids of 1930, but I can find out quite a bit on today's. Right now, I have a brief history about the Hays Code to set up a little background and also I have how the radio affects children today (still questioning if I want to include this, or stick strictly with television and movies. Also considering school censorship).  I guess my biggest difficulty is trying to decide what I want to include and want to "toss out."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brandon's Essay Progress

I'm still in the developmental stage of my essay. I have a really good idea of what I'm going to do and talk about, I just have to get it all on paper. I'm almost done with my rough draft, this is just so I'm prepared for Mondays class. So far it has not been too bad and I hope to get it completely finished earlier than expected. The toughest challenge for me is condensing the material into the allotted number of pages for this essay. My topic has a lot of sub-topics that could also be used for various essays. All in all the essay has been going well so far.
Almost forgot, here is my thesis statement, it needs some work.
The debate for or against data recorders is a current ethical issue that deals with invasion of privacy against the argument of safety; they originated for safety purposes, evolved to benefit insurance companies and now help solve cases dealing with automotive accidents, how much further will they go?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Reading Responses to CyberReader Essays

Please write a response to one of the two essays you read for this week in our CyberReader.

What struck you as important?  Why?

How can we apply these ideas to our world today?  Where should we look for more information on this subject?

Use one direct quote from one of the essays somewhere in your response.

Please post your reading response in the Comments section of this post so we have all the class reactions in one place.  Pay attention to what other people are saying?!

All best,