Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nates essay progress

My thesis statement covers a lot. It is (What has technology done for us? Has technology has made us lazy and dependent on itself? The breakthroughs it has made, if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks). I definitely have to narrow my topic on a few pieces of technology I know or my paper will become a book. So I have decided to choose three pieces of tech, the smartphone, television, and computer I choose these because most of us come in contact with these items every day. During my time writing my paper I have come across problems and issues. Currently I have made my outline with the things I want to incorporate into my paper.  I am  trying to find sources to match my topics to help my argument. But I find it hard to find a credible source that has information that’s relevant to the topics. But the challenge is getting  my thoughts on the paper to put them in order that is cohesive and that’s flows. I have about a third to a half of my paper done. For me it’s like the pieces to a puzzle and I have to put them in the right order so it makes sense. But I find that gathering all the information is the hardest part to the paper.


  1. I like your idea for your essay and how it relates to everyone in our class. You seem to be having the same problems as me, not being able to put your thoughts on paper. I think you will have a really good paper, you always seem to bring up interesting points and find really good information. Keep up the good work man!

  2. I like the idea your paper presents, but I would make sure to narrow it down a little bit. I'm also having a hard time making smooth transitions to make a consistent flow. Good luck and keep working.