Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Research Paper Progress

For my paper, I have chosen to examine the relationship between the ideas of freedom and perfection. I have completed an outline showing the three main categories that I would like to talk about: the personality of the individual, specific legal policies, and societies as a whole. In my outline, I listed topics I would like to hit on for each of these categories. So far I have gathered and reviewed seven unique sources to use as support in my essay. I am excited to put my thoughts down as I find this idea very interesting. I was originally worried that my topic would be too broad, but I think I have come up with a few good points and examples that will keep my paper the right length and express the ideas I want to convey. I am having some trouble deciding on the order that the different sections of my paper should be in, but I think it will be easier to decide once I have my rough draft. Overall, things are going pretty well. :)

Tentative Thesis Statement: The human ideologies of freedom and perfection are both looked upon favorably by most people, but it seems that these two states of being are constantly at odds with each other.

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  1. I think everyones begging proposals were very broad ideas.