Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Essay Progress and CyberReader response

Currently I have just got an outline to my paper and have gathered resources for my paper, I am continuing to gather resources for my paper and plan on finishing the rough draft this weekend. Finding my resources has been pretty easy but organizing my paper in a fashion that is acceptable to me, is proving to be the challenge. Currently my thesis is "Domestic spying, is it an acceptable violation of rights or ethics? Or is domestic spying the result of a government with too much power?".

In response to the essays in CyberReader, I found both essays to be very intriguing. Both of the topics tie in with each other in a sort of way, I think it is interesting to think about where music will come from if the music industry is brought down by lack of profits from pirating or other sources. Our society seems to take music and movies for granted and simply illegally downloads them on the internet which causes the companies, that produce them, to lose a lot of money. If those companies lose too much money they could go out of business which would lead to no music or movies at all, potentially.

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