Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Essay Progress

My research thesis statement is "There have been several major movies that have become so popular that they have had a significant impact on mass production." My progress thus far is still in the developing stages of writing my paper. I have already constructed an outline of the body of my paper with specific topics I will address. I have also found some informative sources that will assist me in my paper. I have not got very far in my rough draft, but what I do have written is going good. What is going well is that I feel I have a specific view in mind that I want to elaborate on. This will be helpful in the paper so that I do not stray off course addressing things that are not relevant. Also, the material/data I have found so far are very relevant to my paper and meet up to my assumptions. One thing I am struggling with is that I need to tie in more information on how topics we addressed in class relate to this subject (for example, how Wu's ideas apply). Other than that, the essay progress is going great for me.

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