Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alec's Essay progress

Right now im still gathering information and just starting to write the beginning of my paper. Although i did do an interview with a student working on her doctorate in engineering and got a ton of useful information. So gathering information is going really well and should make it easy to write the rest of my paper. Up in till now the biggest challenge i have faced is finding time to work on this project because i have been study for 3 exams. Heres my thesis "How the limits of our advancement in technology is not determined by our abilities to create new things, but by who controls the market and whether or not the new technology will benefit them."

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  1. I agree with your thesis and I think this will make a good research paper. It goes along with the point made in the book, about needing outsiders like Alexander Bell to make new technologies happen. I think it would be even harder today for outsiders to make this happen though, because monopolies have the ability to buy you out, or make you "disappear" if they think your idea will harm their industry. I have a cousin, (twice removed or something) who had created a new cheaper fuel source.He got paid out by the gas companies though to keep it quiet, so it never got out to the public.I think the gas companies would be a good example for your paper :)