Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alicia's Essay Report

I do not have much of my paper written yet. I had to come up with how I was going to focus my idea down to a specific, less broad subject. It was pretty large for my project proposal. I have an outline pretty much now of how I want my paper set up though and have just about a page done of my papr. I have an intoduction and have started talkng about how the Hayes Code affected what people saw in the movies. I am going to pick one example of a movie in the 1930s, and show how it is affected by the code. The next part of my paper will then explain how conglomerates affect movies and I will pick another movie of more recent times and explain how the conglomerates affect it. I definetely need to be working on my paper more, to have a rough draft done by Monday. The main aspects I need are to pick the movies I wish to give as examples. The book we read in class will be one of my resources on explaining about conglomerates and the Hayes Code, and maybe I can pick one of the movies mentioned within it, but I do not know yet.
 My thesis statement is: The hayes code definetely affected what we saw in movies and television in the past.Even though we do not have a code today, conglomerates affect movies and television almost just as much as a code.

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  1. One of the best ways to represent your thesis statement in the rest of your paper would be to put conglomerates and the hayes code together, and then compare them.