Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Essay Progress

Getting a jump start on my essay i completed an outline before the proposal was due. My thesis was How technology helps save lives while at the same time destroying them. I had a good start on my essay with a lot of good things to say but then realized that i had a few holes in my essay where an argument could occur against my opinion  So I have hit a block where i need to adjust my essay to make my argument more bold.

To the Essay "The Tyranny of Copyright" I have not much to say about copyright since I am not much of a writer but I can see how it is corrupting a lot in today's world. I find Copyright to be much like artists duplicating art pieces which is great when they can put there own spin on it but when they try to do a exact match it loses a lot of the meaning.

Essay two " Where music will be coming from" I have strong feelings against pirating music, which is where i see all music coming from in these next years. However places like iTunes have to drop the price of the outrageous $1.30 PER SONG. Other places providing music for free with adds such as Pandora are booming right now with free listening

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  1. I think you have an interesting thesis. As for finding opposing arguments, that can be a good thing. Instead of trying to outshine the arguments by having louder reasons on your side, maybe it would work better to incorporate the opposing reasons into your paper, like we did with Exploration 9, and respond to them.