Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Drew's essay progress and Cyber reader response

I am Just about finished getting information for my essay.  I have an outline of my paper with several supporting points for each topic I want to talk about.  I also have started with the writing of the essay. My research statement is "we have impacted the process of evolution, and how it occurs in nature."
I have had some luck finding some good sources on my topic.  There has been a lot of discussion on my topic in the last few years.

I thought that the two passages in the cyber reader were very interesting.  They tied together well due to the problem around copyrights.  I had never really thought about how much the internet has cost people stolen files, music, movies, etc.  I took a step back and looked at it, it reminded me a lot of robin hood. should the files really belong to those who made them or should they be free for the betterment of the public.  I'm kind of on the fence on who the files belong to.

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  1. It sounds like we are at the same point on this essay. But im not exactly sure what your thesis means but i think if you explain it to me it would be cool.