Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Progress Report

My paper deals with the fall of well written television and the rise in commercialism within television.  My thesis states: "Throughout my life, I have noticed a fall in the quality of television programs and believe that it is directly related to the rise in commercialism present in the network business."  I am having a little bit of trouble narrowing down my topic because I want to include what I think of as classic well written shows and the shows that replaced them later on, but I also want to cover a couple of the exceptions to the current television trend.  I have primarily been researching information for my paper lately and I have found it hard to find reliable information on my subjects.  I am only a couple pages in as of now but plan to finish it within the next few days.  I am also having a little bit of trouble trying to make the entire paper flow in a fluid, easy to understand manner.  Every now and again a can never find a good way to transition to my next point.  All in all, I am steadily working on my paper at a good pace trying to make my rough draft as perfect as it can be.

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  1. I really like this idea and it seems to be more of a personal bias of what makes a good show which is really interesting. Maybe that's why it is so difficult to find information. Good luck!