Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Essay Progress

   So far the work i have done on my research project has been trying to narrow down my subject. My original proposal was very broad .My thesis now is; " What are the main threats to internet neutrality, and how could they effect us?". This still might seem a little broad but i have picked only a couple threats to focus on. These include AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and Verizon. I am explaining their threat and giving examples of specific examples of  threatened, like youtube, wikipedia, craigslist, or ebay,  and itunes. These are all used extremely a lot on an everyday basis and would change so much. My biggest problem so far is finding reliable, specific information on each of these.


  1. I like how specific you got with the threats and I too am having trouble with credible sources that aren't just bashing other companies the whole time.

  2. I think your thesis statement and paper will be very interesting. I can see how you are having difficulty with finding credible resources though. Like Megan said, most of them would probably be companies bashing other companies (because no company is going to advertise that they pose a threat to their customers/audience in some way) which sometimes is not accurate information.

  3. I like the topic, it is interesting to think about how big conglomerates influence net neutrality.