Friday, April 12, 2013

research paper progress

I fortunately had a good head start on my paper due to the fact that I thought it was due last week. I am writing about future technological advances that may make the internet as we know it obsolete. What big ideas are out there and the even bigger question what problems will it cause with our privacy and protection of personal information. privacy, freedom and theft are big terms used in the internet today. there are already lots of fraud and deception in the internet and it has been around for years with time to devolope programs to help prevent these things. If some invention comes along that surpasses the internet how will what we have learned translate over or will our secrutity have to start from scratch. and with the way the economy is who is funding these inventions? if there is government involvement how will they approach it especially with the way china is treating its internet usage.

thesis: With China's increasing control over its citizens and there internet access, lots of concerns have arose for how we prevent this from ever happening here and what we can do in the future.

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