Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My name is Nathaniel Brown but I prefer to be called Nate. I am from a small town about twenty five minutes from here called Bucyrus. I went to high school at Wynford High School. There was 68 people in my graduating class. At first I wanted to major in accouting, but I am not sure if I still want to stick with that. I am definitely going to major in something business related. The fun fact that I listed in class was that my favorite thing to do in my free time is to lift weights and workout.

The process I took towards writing my poem was simple. First, I brainstormed ideas then started writing. When it said to write a poem about a friend, my best friend instantly came to mind. One of the challenges I found was starting the poem. My poem turned out better than I expected because the last time I wrote a poem was like my freshman year in high school and I wasnt sure how good it would be.

From my prospective, "The American Dream" is living a life full of happiness and living a life having everything you want without any worries. This includes having the house and car of your dreams and having a family to share your life with. This is different from my parents and grandparents prospective because they did not have the technology and luxuries that we have today. They lived in a more simple "old fashion" life and life was more family based.


  1. Awesome i have a couple friends from Bucyrus!Your perspective for the American Dream is very true

  2. I thought I had a small graduating class at 95, but you've got me beat! I was the same way as you, I had not written a poem since freshman year in high school too. Hopefully you get everything worked out with you major and good luck with anything you do!