Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Intro Blog

Hello, I am Alicia Alaura. My twin sister Amanda is in this class as well. She is 1 of the 3 siblings I have. We have another younger sister and brother and live just outisde a little town called Chesterville. I have a horse and show rabbits. I was in 4-H since 6th grade, and just ended my last year in it. I also have 12 cats and 2 dogs, so we have a lot of animals, but you wouldn't really call it a farm. I also played a lot of sports in highschool, mainly soccer and softball, but also did track one year. I am a bussiness major for now, but may change in the future. I still don't know for sure what I want to do.

When I first started composing the poem, I had a difficult time choosing a person to write about. I wrote down ideas for each person I was thinking of and chose the one I had the most topics for. Once I started actually writing the poem though I got through it pretty fast. It came easy to me and I probably could have wrote a lot more because I kept thinking of other fun times I had with this person, but I did not want to make it huge, and was having trouble coming up with more rhyming endings. The final product was not what I was thinking of when I first started writing it but I think it turned out pretty good anyway.

The ability to gain a higher education and the job of your dreams is what I believe the American Dream to be. Whether your dream job is involving you obtaining a lot of wealth or helping people, America allows you to follow your dream postion, unlike many other countries. In past generations people seemed to aspire this more than today's generation in which more people seem to take it for granted and are not as driven to take these opportunities while they have them.

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