Monday, January 14, 2013

My name is Adam Khoury. I am from Plain City, OH and I graduated from Jonathan Alder High School. My major is in Electrical Engineering and I am currently working as a cook at Buffalo Wild Wings.

My process for coming up with my poem which was about my grandfather was to think of all the great memories we had together and let the poem write itself from there. I think it turned out pretty well, it was definitely an emotional experience writing this poem.

In my vision of the American Dream I think it is having all of the things in your life that give you happiness and having them till the day you die. That is a true lived American Dream in my opinion


  1. Buffalo Wild Wings is my favorite place to eat!!!!

  2. Plain City= Der Dutchman!!! Yummm!
    Other than everyone thinking about food while reading your post, we're failing to mention the sensitivity you've already portrayed and we haven't even read your poem yet. I hope it was cathartic for you!

  3. I agree with your idea of the American dream, if you arn't happy with your goal then theres nothing to work towards.