Monday, January 28, 2013

The Golden Age

My favorite kind of movie are usually historical movies. I don't mean documentaries, more so movies just set in the past. I watch movies for something to do. I don't usually watch a lot of movies most of the ones i have seen have just been whenever they came on t.v. I like a complicated story, one that you really have to pay attention to and isn't predictable. So many of the movies that come out today are just like every other one and you can typically predict what will happen.

If I had to pick one movie to recommend it would be Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. It is an older movie with a lot of twist and turns. You really have to pay attention to understand the underlying causes of all of the family issues that are presented within the movie. It was originally a play made into a motion picture.As you watch the movie more and more lies unfold between each family member.

Singin' In The Rain was a popular movie during the golden age of film. It was given alright reviews from critics but was adored by the public. This film portrays the switch from silent movies to talking movies. It is also a musical. Singin' In The Rain  has been frequently called one of the top ten movies of all time. I have seen this film and found it to be quite entertaining, the whole movie is comedic and the songs just add to the up beat feeling this movie gives you.


  1. I too enjoy a story with a bit of unpredictability. I feel the worst at being predictable are hollywood romance stories that I literally have a formula for how it begins and ends, fill in a few things done differently in steps five or six.

  2. Gene Kelly is most famous for doing his skits like Singing in The Rain.