Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Rather Riveting Tale of Elizabeth

There I was with my Family and friends opening fire against those who opposed us. It was the Summer of 2012, and boy was it a hot one. They were out there scheming to steal our precious property, and we would have none of it. The game was Paintball. We were downhill in a forest with many trees and barricades to protect us from incoming paintballs. We were protecting our flag from the evil that was the blue team. It was the six of us along with our other teammates to guard the flag. First there was me, a large skinny man who enjoyed stopping the enemy in their tracks with precise shots. Then there was Elizabeth, who was covered in 3 layers of clothing and scared at the thought of others shooting in her general direction. Then there was my brother and his girlfriend, which was essentially the same as how I just described Elizabeth and I. The girls would usually be last alive sitting in the back only to be executed with oncoming paintballs if we were to lose, (which happened several times). Lastly, there was my mother and my brother's friend who enjoyed paintball, but not to our extent. When it came down to the last five minutes I suggested that we lay down in the back, waiting for our teams to exhaust themselves leaving us with better chances. My brother's friend and I ran around to the right after everyone on that side of the forest had either gotten out or lost attention. My brother and his girlfriend went left only to be caught in a haze of paintballs. Elizabeth being as scared as she is, was still sitting in the back. After we flanked them from the right we yelled, "Ravioli, Ravioli, give me the Formuoli". A phrase from sponge bob to get their attention. It was a massacre for the poor souls on the blue team. Having been caught between us they didn't last for more than a minute, and the flag was ours to keep. At the end we had overcame the blue team with a sneaky flank, and using my brother as a paint shield, but unfortunately the casualties were heavy. I had come back only to learn that Elizabeth had been shot and sent to the hospital, (the hospital being a small tent to treat boo-boos). As we entered the tent we found her with a small bruise on her neck. Elizabeth had seen combat for the first time. She spent the rest of the day as a war hero having survived he encounter with a deadly paintball, and ready for more action...


  1. I really felt like it was easy to imagine the scene in my head and could vividly understand what was going on.

  2. It kept my attention while reading and it was easy to visualize in my mind, yet not too detailed. Good mix.