Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exploration 6

Seth and I were back in the woods, trying to set up a place to campout. We did this every year so we were trying to make a different place this time. We found a place at the bottom of a steep hill and started cleaning it up. It was a grassy spot in the middle of the woods and I said "This is the perfect spot." The only thing that was wrong with the place was there was a big log in the way, right in the middle. So I said "I got this!" So I got on my fourwheeler and put the front of my fourwheeler against it to role in out of the way. This turned into a big problem because the log was bigger than I had expected so I put the fourwheeler into 4-wheel drive and ended up getting the fourwheeler stuck. So I put it into reverse and something called whiskey throttle happened. That is when you are pushing on the gas and you cant let go of it because all of your mometum is going forward. So I was going backwards in the middle of the woods missing every tree somehow, but I did end up hitting Seth's fourwheeler which he was sitting on. Seth is about 6'4" 230 pounds and plays football at Notre Dame College of Ohio and this even scared him. He said "I thought I was done for." I ended up hitting the side of his fourwheeler and flipped mine, and it threw me off of mine and I went flying into a big dirt pile. No one ended up getting hurt but we did break a piece off of Seth's grandpa's fourwheeler. So seth said "We have to fix this or my grandpa is going to kill me!" We ended up fixing the fourwheeler but it took us like 2 hours to fix it and we didnt end up getting in trouble. Since we spent forever fixing the fourwheeler we didnt get to make our new place to camp so we had to go back to our old spot, which didnt bother me because we still had a good time. I am just glad no one got hurt.


  1. I liked your story a lot and I'm glad no one got hurt or in trouble. It also gave me a feeling that you and Seth are really great friends that like to help each other out.

  2. lol never pulled a whiskey throttle but loved when they did a whole segment for it on ridiculousness. thankfully no one got hurt though

  3. this story reminds me of when i was with my buddy tlyer and we were riding his four wheelers mud running threw his woods and i was stopped on the side of the trail and he comes flying down the trail thew a pit and hit me. i know how it feels to be on a four wheeler one second and then being thrown off the next.