Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Exploration 6 "Well that escalated quickly"

 Well that escalated quickly

           All neighborhoods have ‘the crazy lady’; ours is no exception. Our lady, Christine, lives alone in a huge house with her 6 monster dogs.  Most of them are boxers but some are just mutts that she has rescued.  The dogs are big, strong and vicious and every time someone goes by her property the dogs come running to the edge of the invisible fence barking and growling.  One day over the summer, my friend James and I were longboarding by her house and the dogs came charging at us as usual, barking ferociously the whole time. So… we did what any normal kid would do, we barked back at the dogs.  Suddenly crazy lady came charging from the back of her house screaming at us.  As we ignored her and continued to longboard home, we looked back to see her sprinting after us.  She was yelling and screaming obscenities at us, but we just kept long barding home, just a little bit faster.
Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  I have spent weeks perfecting my wench; now this is not what you are thinking, this wench is a motorized pulling rope for wakeboarding, snowboarding and other activities that require one to be pulled quickly. Another friend of my mine, Joel, and I were working on gearing the wench so that we could get higher speeds. Our efforts paid off.  I was flying on the longboard as crazy lady was walking by me with her pack of dogs.  She was intimidated by my speed and began to stammer because she didn’t know what to do or say.  She finally muttered the words, “You can’t do that”, took out her cell phone took a picture of me as I bent down to pose for her with a big smile on my face, and walked away calling the police.  I told my friend not to worry because we hadn’t done anything wrong and that the cops would start talking about racing as soon as they saw my cars. Of course the police showed up really quickly; my neighbors all looked out at the flashing lights in my driveway (Did I say that we live in a very nice neighborhood?) The cop cautiously asked, “What are you boys doing? We explained the wench and how it worked.  He was pretty impressed and we explained what it did and that I had designed and built it and he was even more impressed. The conversation changed and he seemed to forget why he was there.  Then he noticed my racecars sitting in the garage and our conversation completely changed again as I predicted.  He headed to his car, telling us to have fun and to be careful as he wondered why he originally came.  Just before he opened the door he looked back at us and asked if we had barked at the ladies’ dogs.  Joel was truly confused  and I didn’t want to seem weird, so I replied with a very unconfident “ Eh, no???”  As the cop pulled away, laughing, my mom pulled in the driveway, missing all of the excitement.


  1. This story is funny. As soon as I started reading i could not help myself but to laugh.

  2. You are absolutely right about every neighborhood having a crazy person, but this lady sounds extra crazy. At least the cop that came seemed pretty cool and didn't do anything. Funny story Alec!