Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Time To Go

       Almost every year my family tries to take some kind of vacation away from home. We usually just  go for a weekend a couple hours away or make a trip out of a family event like a wedding out of state but we always do something.
      The end of my sophmore year in high school, we decided to rent an R.V..My grandfather had pretty good health for his age, 86,at the time and he had been wanting to go out to the midwest U.S. to see the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore. So my parents took off work for about a week and a half so we could drive out and back.
       My mom and Dad picked out an R.V., a huge one. Being our first time taking an R.V., they didn't think about getting it up and down our drive way. Our house is on a hill, up a comparitively long drive. Lining our drive way are a few trees including a large willow with low hanging  large branches. My mom, not wanting to take any chances with our  insurance, voiced her opinion," well we could just leave it down at the bottom its really not too far to walk". My Dad, not wanting to walk that far,tells her "No, it'll be fine we just have to cut some branches down." So we trimmed all of the branches and my dad, carefully, but with no problem, drove this RV up to the house so we could get it all packed up.
      So we have it all packed and are ready to go.Our next step is to get it back down the drive. "Shotgun," my younger brother called.My mom answers," No, Grandpa gets shotgun, you have to watch from the side to guide your dad down." So my brother watches on the side, along with rest of us. The hard part was the two curves at the top. My dad gets around the first curve just fine but the next is sharper and a big tree branch stuck out on it."You're good," my brother tells him from his side.He did look all clear, but then there was a loud metal bending sound. "Stop!"my mom yells at him, too late.
       On the outside of the curve was a steep,small hill and not thinking it about it the main focus was to not hit the branches on the other side but being so big the front of the RV caught the hill. So my dad backed up a little ways to see the damage.The whole bottom front of the R.V., I guess you might call it the bumper but it wasn't a seperate peice, but all connected, had came loose and stuck out from the rest of the body.
       So there goes our deductable, but what to do from there. We already had it all packed up and we only had so many days off from work that were requested off. My dad goes into his garage after looking underneath the R.V. and comes out with bungee cords. He straps the front back to the body of the R.V. and says, "Time to go."

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