Monday, February 18, 2013

Exploration Six

Brittany Gibson

Exploration Six


                                                                   Life and Fate


                I was five years old and the youngest in my family. I remember playing with my brother who is two years older than me out in the yard at our old house on the west end day after day. One day my mom and I were on the way to the store. My brother decided to stay at home with my dad. Moreover, it just so happened that particular day my mother’s car was in the shop; therefore, we had to take my dad’s Bronco.

 My mom being only maybe five feet tall had trouble reaching the petals in the Bronco, which was even more important because it was a five speed, meaning she would have to be able to use the clutch petal efficiently so the truck would not stall out. Nevertheless, we were on our way to the store when we start to go over some train tracks when suddenly the rails started going down. Instead of stopping, my mom decided to hurry over the tracks, just then the car just stopped right in the middle of the tracks. My mom had accidently stalled the car.

I could see the train, but it did not seem to be that close. My mom then tried to start the car but she could not get the clutch petal down far enough. I looked up the train is now a lot closer I started to panic and yelled for my mom to do something. She then tried to undo my seatbelt, and I kid you not, the seatbelt would not come off. I then saw the fear in her eyes and knew we were in trouble. The train was hurling towards us and she had one shot at getting the truck to start. At that moment my mom used everything she had in herself and started the truck and we hurried over the tracks barely missing the train.

Moreover, to this very day I stop at every track and never go around tracks if a train is close. Life is a blessing and every day we should be thankful for life and our family.

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