Monday, February 18, 2013

Exploration 6

    Our lacrosse season had had its ups and downs through out it entirety and everything we had accomplished up to this point had landed us at this spot.  It was just the second game in the tournament, but it meant more to us then just that.  We were matched up against our biggest rival Worthington Kilbourne High School and we were out for revenge since they embarrassed us at home during the regular season.  This was our chance to get back at them at their stadium.  This sole reason this rivalry exists is because my high school, Thomas Worthington had to split in half because it was becoming to big and that's what made Kilbourne.  It's basically the same scenario as the Baltimore Ravens splitting off from the Cleveland Browns.  Nothing mattered more to our team then this game here.
      The game had started and from the very beginning it had the making of becoming a very good game.  The game was pretty even between both teams all the way into the fourth quarter.  Thanks to our lock down defense we got the ball  on offense with 5 minutes left in the game.  Our best midfielder on the team gets the ball up top and drives it down the right side, spins back to his left, shoots and scores to put us up by one goal.  The stands went crazy because they could see a upset in making and it was almost in reach.  Everyone settled and all the players got ready for the next face off.  The whistle blew and our midfielder won the draw, ran it down the field and shot the ball right at the goalie making it an easy save.  There was only 1:30 left in the game by this time so the pressure was definitely on.  Kilbourne attempted to clear it by throwing the ball down the middle and out of nowhere one of our midfielders intercepted the pass and took it one on one with the goalie and scored. 
     That was the straw that broke that camels back.  We had successfully beaten our rivals and knocked them out of the tournament the earliest anybody had in the past 6 years.  It was one of my greatest accomplishments during my high school career and it is something I most likely will never forget.

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