Monday, February 18, 2013

Exploration 6: A Not So "Nice" Time

Keith Raymond

A Not So "Nice" Time
     A few years ago, I went to France with a group of people in my French Club.  On our final night in Nice, one of my friends, Zane, wanted to go out to McDonald's in the middle of the night.  Throughout the entire trip, he wanted to go to McDonald's but we never had time.  He asked my friends, Dominic, Adam M., Adam C., and I if we wanted to go with him.  We all agreed to go.  Dominic and Adam M. especially were willing since, while in Paris, they climbed out of my hotel window onto the roof below.  The other Adam and I agreed because we wanted to see the city's sights.  Our teacher had earlier told us that she did not want us to go anywhere without permission so Zane told us that he would "tell her that we were going."  Our teacher constantly told us that on the entire trip because the previous group she took sneaked out one night without her permission and she started to freak out.  After hearing that story we wanted to make sure that someone told her.  We were waiting in the lobby for Zane to come down.  He eventually came down and asked if we were ready.  Just as we were about ready to leave, our teacher entered the lobby and started yelling at us.  Apparently, Zane forgot to tell her that we were going to leave.  I remember thinking that we were going to have our parents be called and send us on the next flight back to America.  Luckily, Dominic's dad came down and had a conversation with our teacher.  "I'll take them on a tour of the city since there was no time earlier," he said.  Our teacher finally said, "OK," but warned us to "be careful."  What was originally a scary situation suddenly became a relief.  That night we explored the city and ate our food on the beach.  That was probably the scariest and yet most fun that I had overseas and it is all because of my friend Zane.


  1. I can imagine the scare.There is nothing more frightening than getting caught red handed with the threat of telling your parents. Even as a little child, the words "Aww! I'm telling (your) mom!!" were the scariest.

  2. sounds like you got lucky on that one. thank goodness his dad was there to help mediate the situation

  3. Fun story. I found a little humor in it as I was reading it. Good job painting a picture for your readers!