Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Megan Stultz and Shy Berning

The Smithsonian Institute

(The ideals and values that the Smithsonian Institute represents)

A. The Smithsonian plays a big role in the preservation of knowledge.

                I. They put money towards the preservation to what they feel is historically relevant

                II. They have a goal to form an “objective” public history for the nation that is also a “collective memory” for the nation.

B. Another  goal of the Smithsonian is the pursuit of knowledge

                I. Seven scientific research centers

                II. James Smithson’s whole reason for donating the money to build the Smithsonian Institute was for the “increase and diffusion of knowledge”

                III. Being a scientist himself he wanted to always have a place for the forward movement of knowledge.

C. Education

                I. they have 19 museums and galleries, over 30 libraries, and 9 scientific research centers, that are mostly free and open every day of the year except for December 25th.

                II. Their exhibits are made to be easily understandable

                III. They offer countless amounts of education programs and initiatives to offer help in the education of others.

                IV. Education is important because if the Smithsonian spent all this time gathering and preserving the knowledge that they have there would be no point to all their efforts.

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