Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Crazy Horse: By Zach Parks and Alicia

                                                  Out Line
1.     The first main point that we came up with involves the history of the  actual Crazy Horse monument.
 *The monument was created because Henry Standing Bear wanted the public to know about the history of Native Americans and so he asked Korczak Ziolkowski to build it.
* The origin of the place of where the monument was to be built was debated upon by the scultor and the family because of the size of the project. The family members of Crazy Horse wanted the monument to be built in the Black Hills because it is a sacred Lakota landmark.

2.     Another main point is how controversial the Crazy Horse Monument is to both Americans and the Lakota Natives.
~ There is controversy on the monument itself. Some Lakota say that he wouldn't want to be honored by defacing the nature of the mountains.
~He was very opposed to alcohol and how it poisoned his people and their minds. A drink industry made a beer with his name on it, which led to the petition to remove it from many people, (Americans and Lakota).
~ There are no proven pictures of Crazy Horse because he did not want his  picture taken. The only main source of what he looked like is a painting of him. The painting was accurate based on his sister's confirmation.

3.    Our final topic in the presentation is on Crazy Horse himself.
-This monument is dedicated to Crazy Horse because of his heroic deeds in leading the Lakota people against the white man.
-His most notable resistance was at the battle of Little Bighorn where he defeated General Custer. He won many battles without getting wounded,until his last battle.
- He was wounded after he surrendered in a battle, by military guards and died from the wounds that night


Indians were here before any European influenced cultures. They had a unique way of living that was very different then how we live now. To understand our history fully, we should learn about the ways of these people, and about the heroes of them as well.Though debated, this is seen by most people as the main reason for the Crazy Horse Monument; to educate people about the Native American heroes, so that we do not just remember our European ancestors.

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