Monday, February 18, 2013

exploration 6

Getting it Done
            It was a pretty typical summer’s weekend and I was working on my mother’s brakes on her ford escape. I had made sure to wake up extra early to make sure I had enough time to do them all. So I am in my dads garage and it is a mess. There are tools lying out on all the work benches and not to mention all the other stuff my dad brings home to tinker on. Finally at around 11 o’clock I am ready to start working on the car. I call my dad to come help and he fell asleep on the couch waiting for me to get done. But once I woke him up the first thing he says is “you ready boy we don’t have all day now”. I just wanted to put him right back to sleep after that. Now that I have my dad with me I could get started on the brakes. So I gather all the tools I need and start to work on the car and I had just gotten on the ground to start working and I hear “hey boy wanna go get some lunch I’m getting kind of hungry”. This meant get up we’re going to lunch. But when we got back my mom’s car was nowhere to be found the garage was open with tools still out and parts lying out. So I ran inside to figure out what’s up and my mom tells me she sent my sister to go get her cigarettes but she had no gas and used my mom’s car. Now when I go back outside I find my dad has started without me and already has one tire off. So he tells me to start on the back while he does the front. So I said to myself alright I am gonna get mine done before he gets his finished.  After pulling of the tire I see what look like a drum not the typical disk brake set up I am used to. So I ask my dad “hey what do I do next”? his reply has “see that 10 pound sledge in the corner”. Me I say “yea”. My dad goes “you got to beat the outer drum casing off and then you’re at the heart of the assembly” it to me over 4 hours to beat the one ceased rusted on casing off the brake assembly. We had to use a rose bud torch to heat up the casing till it was red hoy and hit it with the sledge to finally free the casing to change the brakes.         

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  1. I like your story a lot. You described the situation in detail and made good use of dialog. I have never had to change my brakes, but I've seen my brother do his a couple of times. He always gets frustrated and has had to hit it with a hammer as well.