Monday, February 18, 2013

Exploration 6

Hot spring day where it never felt so good to take my dirt bike for a ride on the slightly muddy trails behind my house where its just right so you could let the RPM's rise with the muddy rooster tail behind you without spraying your back. Riding up and down the trails like any other day became a little interesting when I saw my friend at the top of the hill where our high school is as well as our football/soccer field. He yells to me where I think I hear "Help me!" With the yell being under the sound of my bike and outside my helmet I immediately turned off my bike to confirm his comment. After the motor has silenced I yelled back "What did you say?" gratefully he said "Hey man." After my heart pounding from my friend potentially being in trouble I was relieved to hear that all he said was Hey. Before I got to respond to him I saw a shadowy figure approaching him from behind passing right in front of the sun making it impossible for me to figure out who it was. Once I heard the figure yell "Hey who are you!?" I knew exactly who it was. It was my assistant principle at the time and I knew he was out for blood when he took his first stride down the hill toward me and my bike. Snapping into action I kicked my bike to start once, twice, three times now the AP was a few yards closer my hearts pounding faster. Hearing his voice once again yell "Stop! Stop!" I knew it was time to go so I kicked and kicked listening to the 20 year old motor slowly start to flood, he was about ten yards away and closing when my bike fired up. Stomped into first and dropped the clutch for a good get away letting the RPM's reaching their highest point then to second gear where I knew there wasn't a chance I would get caught, I made my get away  with my heart racing and my face red as could be in fear that I would be caught on school property with an unregistered dirt bike. Time and time again passes when I pass by that spot and I can't help but to chuckle to myself on how much that had to of looked like a movie seen where at the very last possible moment the man gets away.


  1. I love dirt biking. Also, good story.

  2. This story really made me want summer to come around so I can finally ride my dirt bike again. Gotta love the kickstart, my old Suzuki (and I mean old lol) seems to only want to start half of the time I ride it. This story was cool, because like you said it just reminds you of a movie with a great get away scene. Glad you didn't get in trouble from your AP and had a good time doing it!