Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Over time, Las Vegas has been an oasis that became a dessert, and then was resurrected into an oasis by the gambling industry. Today it is not only an oasis, but a fantasy land and an escape from our everyday life to come relax and enjoy ourselves. What is it about “Vegas” makes it so appealing to us all, and why has it been so prosperous. Throughout the history of mankind gambling, prostitution and sinful actions have intrigued us and lead to curiosity. Many things today are the way they are because of the simple fact that “sin” sells. In 1931 when Nevada legalized gambling it opened a big door to entrepreneurs to come in and make profit off of these things. “Vegas” has become a star vacation spot in the US and one of the most profitable cities around. Las Vegas wasn’t always like this though. Today we will be taking a look first at where Vegas came from.

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