Wednesday, March 20, 2013

EA resignation

          This article is basically about how the Head of Electronic Arts resigned recently, and it talks more about what the company is and expects to become. He says the gaming industry has become taken over more by the independent companies and that they were the figure head of the games. It then talks about a replacement for the Chief and how EA's recent game did, ( which was poorly).
              A lot of this article is complete garbage except for the end where they talk about the failure of the new Sim's game. EA was never the head of the gaming company and, "independent companies" are doing better because they don't put out half made games for unreasonable prices. An example of what I'm talking about would be the most recent Dead Space games or Battlefield 3. They sell the games for 60$ and limit the amount people can do because they release more parts of the game and expect people to purchase dlc or (downloadable content)for more money. The dlc being more maps, additions on to the game's story line or even the ability to play online. (I mean really????? I've already paid for the game and I have to pay 50$ a year to play online and now EA charges 10$ in order to play their game online on top of it.)                                                                                                                     With the amount of greedy choices they've made recently I wouldn't be surprised with other companies passing them.

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  1. simply why i have moved on to pc gaming

  2. I, being a gamer myself, have noticed the fact that companies tend to go after quantity instead of quality when it comes to games. They come out with the same structure every year and sell it for an extreme amount, not to mention the DLC that comes out right afterwards as well.