Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Men's falling income

Study of Men’s Falling Income Cites Single Parents.


This article talks about the loss of manufacturing jobs over the last decade for men. The loss of manufacturing jobs combined with the modern day need for a college degree has left men more susceptible to unemployment or lower wages, suggest this study. The study also suggest that women have answered to a job market that is crying out for more educated workers, by enrolling in masses at universities and community colleges. Their counterparts, men , have not responded as quickly and decisive.

 Because of the lower wages men in modern day are making and their lack of education, women are not finding them as attractive as they have been in recent decades; thus, women have opted to raise children on their own.

The logic intertwined into this article is easily understandable and very rational. Manufacturing jobs have decreased significantly, especially in my generation. You have to have seniority and tenure now a days in manufacturing jobs to receive decent pay.

Also, it could be argued that men are more prideful than women that has held them back from enrolling in college during their middle age.  Decades ago, men could provide for their families with a factory job but that is not the case. A college degree is a must in Modern day America.






  1. honestly if a women was not interested in me just because i make less than she does or not as much as someone else then i would not be interested in her. money is not everything, though it is important. i feel that alot of peoples values today are out of wack.

  2. Kudos for the women who don't need a man! Besides, if she judged him only for that, then she's not worth it anyway