Monday, March 4, 2013

Too Much Wealth (Not this Pig: Exporation)

"As Warner grew, lavishness became a company trademark.Generous gifts were doled out to employees...If an excutive wanted a face lift, the company paid it...he (Steven Ross) was a sugar daddy...almost a child in the way he relished the pleasures avalable to him."
                                                                                           -New York Times (obituary for Steve Ross)

Even though I believe this obituary of Steven Ross was ment to be a positive one, I cannot help to feel conflicted about it. It just annoys me to think that he had so much money, that he could afford to give his employees "face lifts", and this is what he spent it on; "his" people. This reminds me of how many people with power and riches do act this way. For example in our government, many times the people in power give jobs to their family and friends and they go on luxurious vacations instead of giving money to people who really need it.  Instead of giving it to people in poverty and starving to death, he is pretty much throwing it away on material and stupid things. It does say that he gave money to charities, but you cannot help to wonder how much he really gave.
 I Think the metaphor at the end of the obituary really sums up his attitude, "Almost a child in the way he relished the pleasures available to him". It makes me think that he is ignorant to others,like a child. Only sharing his candy with the people that he likes and are nice to him.


  1. This bothers me as well. Business owners have the money to do something meaningful, well, besides start a company, and they just toss that opportunity out the window. At least Oprah Winfrey opened a school in South Africa for girls. Even celebrities today are only interested in having the latest gadget and up to date car. Sure, they do give to charity, but if they have so much money left over, why not to do something else that is beneficial?

  2. You make a very good point. When you have so much money that you have to start spoiling all your employees and people you barely know, it's time to start thinking about who really needs it. Pay your employees well, fine, but I agree that people with that much money have a responsibility to help out those in need.

  3. I understand when people have so much money others think why do you need more. But success never stops when do you decide OK I'm done I'm just going to survive now. It's the American Dream people want more, We never settle, we never stop, every person with enough drive will continue to drive until they die.