Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Whats Wrong With This Pig?

Page 208 2nd Paragraph.
"Ted Turner hardly needs introduction. Yet while he is known to the public as the larger than life, bipolar enfant terrible who founded CNN,"
   Why is this man known for being "bipolar, enfant (which isn't even a word), and terrible? He thought outside the box and became outrageously rich for it. Are people gonna hate on his for doing something they never thought of or is there more behind the man then just an inventor? Honestly if you research Ted you will find out that he gave a $1 BILLION gift to United Nations how can he be seen as this horrible person. I understand he bought out companies but that's not a horrible thing he obviously gave the company more money than it was worth otherwise the company would of never accepted the offers. I understand he did this for his own profit but i mean come on who wouldn't do it if they had the money.

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  1. I believe "enfant terrible" is supposed to be in French. It means terrible child.